5 Ways to Stop Bad Breath

Bad breath is a real turn off in any situation, be it in an important meeting or a dateBad breath is a real turn off in any situation, be it in an important meeting or a date. It is very embarrassing but surprisingly around 80% of the world’s population suffers from bad breath. In medical terms, bad breath is called Halitosis. It is caused due to anaerobic bacteria overgrowth in the gums and tongue that produces sulphur leading to a foul odour in the mouth.

There are many ways bad breath can be stopped. Good oral hygiene is a must. 

But it is important to know the possible reasons for bad breath so that it get easy to address the problem.

  • Plaque
  • Bad oral hygiene
  • Dehydration
  • Acid reflux
  • Certain foods like onion, garlic or alcohol
  • Some health conditions like diabetes, liver disease and bronchitis.


Here are The Top 5 Ways How You Can Take Care of Bad Breath:

1. Brush well

Yes, it is very important to brush your teeth really well. Invest atleast 5 minutes of your time every morning and every night before going to bed to brush your teeth well. It is important to take time and brush to remove the plaque and food particles from your mouth. Also try baking soda to brush your teeth to reduce the growth of bacteria in mouth.


2. Floss everyday

Do you have the habit to floss your teeth on a daily basis? If not, start from today itself. Think about it! Every person’s teeth structure is different and food debris get stuck within your teeth gaps where it is difficult for brush to reach. Bacteria will automatically grow leading to bad breath. Flossing can get rid of all the bacterial growth and prevent bad breath.


3. Scrape your tongue well

A tongue scraper is a must in your dental care tools. Use this to scrape off any residue buildup in the folds of your tongue. In case you do not have a tongue scraper, use a toothbrush.


4. Quit tobacco

Smoking is one of the worst habits that you can quit today for good. It tampers with your breath too besides damaging you gums, staining teeth and causing oral cancer.  Go for anti-smoking pills and give up tobacco for good.


5. See a Dentist

If you cannot get rid of your bad breath despite all the above efforts, consider seeking a dentist’s advice. He is the best person to guide you if you have any medical conditions.


Make dental hygiene an everyday routine to take care of your teeth and gums and get rid of bad breath. 


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