Foods and Diet to Gain Lean Muscle

Most of us visit the gym these days for fat burn and to build lean muscles.Most of us visit the gym these days for fat burn and to build lean muscles. But they often forget the fact that eating is equally important along with exercise to gain lean muscle and stay physically fit. Physical activity in the form of workout uses up most of the nutrients that we eat. Hence the right quantity and quality of food when on a workout regime is should be taken proper care of.

As much as you should focus on a high-protein diet, fats and carbohydrates are equally important as they provide all the necessary sources of energy to workout and gain muscle. 

We Have Compiled The Top Foods That Help to Gain Lean Muscles:

Eggs – 

We all know that eggs are an important part of the diet routine when on a workout routine. They are very a powerhouse of protein, have all the essential healthy fats, B vitamins and choline. Amino acids are important for muscle gain and eggs are a powerhouse of amino acids. And the B vitamins provide you with energy.

Salmon – 

This fish is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids that helps in muscle building and also improving your health. A 3-ounce of salmon fillet contains about 17 gms of protein.

Chicken breast – 

Any type of animal meat is very rich in protein and chicken is no exception. Chicken breast is considered a staple inclusion in diet recommended for muscle gain. A 3-ounce of chicken breast has as much as 26 gms of protein. It also has B vitamins like Vitamin B6 and niacin that are important for energy production particularly if you are active in exercising.

Greek yogurt – 

As compared to regular yogurt, Greek yogurt contains double the amount of protein. When craving for a snack, a bowl of Greek yogurt is a good option.

Soybeans – 

For all the vegetarians, soybean is a great option if you want to gain lean muscle. It is packed with a number of nutrients and vitamins. About half a cup of soybeans contain 14 gms of protein, iron, phosphorus, vitamin K and healthy unsaturated fats.

Cottage cheese – 

Cottage cheese or paneer as we call it is considered a great muscle-building snack. A cup of low-fat paneer has 28 gms of protein as well as amino acids that is an important muscle-building agent. There are many varieties available in store, choose the one that is low on fat if you wish to consume healthy amount of calories.


Besides including these foods in your diet, you can also opt for supplements in the form of protein powders as they are a good source for lean muscle gain. As much as workout is important for muscle gain, a proper diet routine also supports muscle gain.


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