Ginger: Health Benefits of This Super Food

Ginger: Health Benefits of This Super FoodGinger tea, it a much relished drink that Indians love sipping on every morning. It is widely recognized as a medicinal and culinary spice since ages across the world. The health benefits of ginger cannot be denied. Let’s read on to learn more.


Health Benefits of Ginger:

Ginger has a number of medically proven health benefits being loaded with bioactive compounds and nutrients. The older generation used to swear on this miracle spice as a first aid to many health conditions like cough and cold or gastrointestinal problems.


Relief from cold and flu –

This is a common home remedy that our elders advise us on as a first treatment to cough and cold. A cup of warm ginger tea usually does the work. It keeps our body warm from within promoting sweating and relieving us from cold. It also has anti-bacterial properties that act as a soothing remedy.


Aids digestion –

Ginger is a very common remedy to cure digestive problems. For cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment, ginger is very effective against nausea and vomiting sensations. Also pregnant women can get some relief from morning sickness of they have a cup of ginger tea or chew raw ginger. But do a consult your doctor if you want to use ginger as a morning sickness remedy.


Natural painkiller –

Do sore muscles restrict your movement after a workout session? A long time on the treadmill and some high-intensity weight training subjects your muscles to pain and strain. In such cases ginger comes to the rescue. It is a natural painkiller that manages muscle pain effectively if taken for 5 days at a stretch.


Reduce menstrual pain -

Besides muscle pain, ginger also effectively lowers menstrual cramps and pains. A certain study was conducted on a particular number of women in their menstruation cycle and it was proved that having ginger for the first three days had alleviated their menstrual pain.


Manages cardiovascular health –

Ginger also reduces cholesterol levels and maintains a normal blood sugar level. It was used as a natural treatment of diabetes and heart disease in older days.


Treats symptoms of osteoarthritis –

A common health condition defined by symptoms like stiffness and joint pain can be treated with ginger. Although it might not help you get rid of the condition, but it soothes symptoms of osteoarthritis and you might not need to have pain management medications frequently.


Ginger is in fact a super food that has been used since ancient ages to treat health conditions and is presently making a comeback in the medical world in the form of supplements and medications. 


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