Wish you all a Healthy and Happy Republic Day 2019

Here are a few easy tips from healthfolks to become a healthy Indian citizen.

Healthfolks wishes every Indian a very Happy Republic Day. We have few suggestions and request for all of us on this auspicious day and undoubtedly that is related to our health. As we strongly believe a healthy population can only make its nation happy and prosperous. If you care for the nation take your health seriously as productivity of everyone is required and important in nation’s growth.

So, for all of us health should be our most important business. Now the point is how to make ourselves healthy in such an environment where everything is tempered and polluted. Here are a few easy tips from healthfolks to become a healthy Indian citizen.

1. Eat healthy

Easy said than done, we understand. But this one plays the most important thing in your overall health as we know we are what we eat. Just try to follow basic things like avoiding outside food whenever you can. Cook your own food from scratch. Eat freshly prepared food. And look for organic options of fruits, cereals vegetables etc.

2. Drink lots of water 

Staying hydrated is key for good health. As we know 70% of our body is made up of water. So, we must fulfill the need for water by our body.

3. Stay Physically active

This one will give you an extra dose of energy and will keep your metabolism level up. Do easy things like using stairs, walking whenever you get chance, cleaning your home, playing with kids (yes, these all are kind of exercise only)

4. Stress less

Tough but not impossible. Start living in your present and accepting the reality. I know many of us to suffer from uncontrollable pain of love, loss, sufferings, diseases etc of ours or our loved ones. But if you can’t change it accept it and live with it, as this is what life is.

5. Meditate

This is what living in present means. This is a very good exercise for your brain and your brain is what rules you. So mental fitness is a key for good health.

6. Smile more

Being happy and cheerful will improve your immunity and overall health. It spreads to others also. Laugh more, keep smiling always for your own good.

7. Learn new skills

Keep yourself updated in the trade you are in and simultaneously keep a hobby based on your choice. It will keep you busy and upgraded. By doing this you can always be capable of adding value to society.


All the information provided on healthfolks.com is only for awareness regarding healthcare. Its our kind request to contact your doctor before trying any suggestion on web. The aim of our healthtips page is to provide you health related information & make you aware of your health. Your doctor has much more knowledge & insights about your health and you should never ignore their advice. Its our humble request to all our readers to never blindly follow any health content available on web.