6 Health Benefits of Custard Apple

6 Health Benefits of Custard AppleA winter fruit, custard apple or ‘sita phal’ as it is widely known in India is a favorite of many. The creamy white flesh on the inside is sweet in taste and is also used in many dessert recipes. But do you know that custard apple has a number of health benefits and is very high in nutrition. With loads of anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals, this fruits also makes for a nutritious snack.


Let us now Study in Details the various Health Benefits of Custard Apple:

1. Reduces the risk of heart diseases

If heart diseases run in your family, you better start having custard apples every day. Due to phytochemicals like flavonoids and tannins, custard apple is proven to lower high blood pressure and lipid markers. With these vitals being at a normal rate, cardiovascular diseases or the risk of sudden heart attacks get lowered.


2. Best wingman during pregnancy

Trust me when I say this! There is nothing better than a custard apple to have on a daily basis during pregnancy. Custard apple accounts for an all-round development and gives you comfort during pregnancy. Morning sickness, nausea, mood swings, and numbness are some uncomfortable situations that expectant mothers face during pregnancy. Custard apple helps to cope up with those situations. It also minimizes the risk of miscarriage and reduces the intensity of labor pain during childbirth. It is beneficial for the fetus too as it contributes to developing the brain, nervous system and the immune system. Also, it helps in the production of adequate breast milk if you eat custard apple during pregnancy.

In short, custard apple is a pregnancy super fruit.

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3. Effective for diabetes

Custard apple is an essential natural supplement to treat diabetes. As the fruit is rich in dietary fiber, it slows sugar absorption and lowers the risk of development of type 2 diabetes.


4. Health weight gain

We often create a lot of fuss over weight loss but hardly do we talk about weight gain. There are a number of people who are underweight and try unhealthy means to gain weight like eating junk food, cola or soda. If you wish to gain weight in a healthy way, have a mixture of custard apple with honey every day. It helps.

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5. Reduce symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism

Custard apple is rich in magnesium and balances the water content in the body. It removes the acid from joints, thus reducing the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism. Also if you feel chronically tired, custard apple with its high potassium content will fight muscle weakness.


6. Cures Acne

Who knew that a common fruit like custard apple could treat acne issues? Custard apple has strong anti-microbial properties that clear off the bacteria buildup on our skin and prevents acne breakout. As custard apple also has wound healing properties, it treats existing breakout and the Vitamin A in custard apple repairs skin cells making it appear healthy.


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Start relishing the creamy fruit and enjoy its many benefits. 


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