Health Benefits of Giloy

Giloy juice

Giloy is known by various names in different regions. While ‘giloy’ is the most common name, it is also known as guduchi or gulancha in some places. In English, giloy is called Tinospora.

In sanskrit and ayurveda, giloy is also known as Amrita which means 'the elixir of immortality'. The stem of this plant has maximum medicinal benefits, although its root can also be used. The extracts of this plant is found in the form of powder, capsules or juice.


Top Health Benefits of Giloy:

Improves Immunity –

Giloy is packed with anti-oxidants and keeps your cells healthy and wards of diseases. It detoxifies your body, purifies your blood and combats disease-causing bacteria. It also treats liver conditions and UTI. In some studies, it has also been found out that giloy has positive effects in treating infertility.


Chronic fever treatment –

Giloy has anti-pyretic property that is known to treat chronic fevers due to life-threatening conditions like malaria, dengue and swine flu.


Improves digestive system –

Indigestion problem is common now-a-days because of the unwholesome recurring lifestyle and unhealthy food habits. To treat it naturally, consider taking giloy.

Have half a gram of giloy powder with amla everyday to get rid of digestive problems. Another alternative digestive remedy is having giloy juice with buttermilk. Giloy is also recommended as an ayurvedic piles treatment.


Diabetes treatment –

Diabetes is a common prevalent chronic disease in India, hence India is named as the diabetes capital of India. Giloy is an effective treatment that lowers blood sugar level treating type 2 diabetes. It also lowers lipid levels.


Treatment of asthma –

With air pollution above the radar in most cities of India, asthma is therefore a common problem that affects many. Chest tightness, wheezing and coughing are some common asthma symptoms. At times, even medications are not enough to treat asthma symptoms. Ayurveda experts use giloy extracts to treat asthma patients positively.


Improves stress and anxiety –

We often suffer from concentration issues due to mental stress and anxiety. It boosts mental health, memory and calms you down.


Combats respiratory issues –

The anti-inflammatory properties of giloy reduce respiratory problems like cough, cold, wheezing, asthma and tonsils.


Due to its many health benefits, giloy has been used as an integral part of medicines. Have a glass of giloy juice daily but always consult a doctor before you start any herbal medication. Your doctor will be able to advice you better based on your health condition.


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