Do you travel often? Know how to keep yourself healthy despite your busy schedule.

Do you travel often? Know how to keep yourself healthy despite your busy schedule.Excusitis they say is a disease of modern generation and it is true when it comes to taking care of our self. Be it eating good food or going for a routine walk or taking up that new violin lesson, we always say we find an excuse all the time for not doing them. This excuse grows only bigger when we travel, as we are on the constant move due to work or other activities like attending a convention or a conference.

Corporate Executives are the worst when it comes to giving excuses and you can’t just help but give a sigh seeing their potbellies.


If you can relate to the above-said example read this piece of article till the end as we discuss the steps that can help you overcome this disease and help you be fit on the move:

1. Wake up a bit early

It is true that you might have had that concall going thru the middle of the night but that must not let you wake up too late. Wake up a bit early than your regular time and do some stretches for 5 to 10 minutes that can recharge your body.


2. Choose wisely when dining out

Plenty of eating options are available but we don’t explore them due to our busy schedule. Opting for salads, or vegetable laden wraps, going for the fruit bowl, or grabbing an apple pie shouldn’t be so hard. Many restaurants have begun to cater to a growing demand for plant-based or vegan dishes and that can be a good bargain.


3. Power Napping

If you are feeling tired or groggy due to extensive work or odd schedules, take a power nap for 20 to 30 minutes during the day when you get time. This will make you more productive and attentive for the rest of the day.


4. Stock on healthy

Keep some nuts, dates, dried berries or a fruit like banana or apple for a quick snack when feeling low on energy. These nutrient-dense foods give you an instant boost of energy on mental and physical levels.


5. Look for health amenities provided to you

These days you won’t find a single hotel which doesn’t have a gym facility or a swimming pool. So, it’s always advisable to avail these facilities for a healthier you. Don’t skip or delay as being healthy is the most important criteria to reach on top. In recent surveys, it was found that more than 90% of CXO’s don’t compromise with their workout routine even if they are traveling.


Wish you all the best to follow our suggestion because what we only care about is your good health.

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