Health Tips For Monsoon Season

Monsoon Health Tips

Monsoon season is one of the trickiest seasons to stay in the peak of health. People often find themselves suffering from common flu and infections. The season itself is the most important factor triggering the spread of various ailments. As much as we might be waiting for the monsoons to get some respite from the summer heats but staying healthy and strong throughout the season need some extra care. Your immunity might go for a toss during this season that often leads to untimely diseases. Some common diseases include malaria, dengue, cholera, typhoid, pneumonia, stomach infection or diarrhoea. 


Let us look at how we can keep our self Physically Safe from Monsoon Ailments:

Go for a healthy balanced diet -

During monsoon it is the most important to opt for a diet that is balanced, healthy and home-cooked. Although we might more than often get tempted to dig into a plate of hot fritters with a hot chai, but it’s best to steer clear off the roadside stuff as there is always a risk of the food being unhygienic. You must always take care of your diet specially during the monsoons there is always a chance to contract water-borne diseases easily. Eat lighter home-cooked meals, well-washed seasonal fruits and veggies as the metabolism is not at its usual high during the monsoons. By following such tips, you can possibly avoid infections, seasonal allergies, viral fever and other monsoon specific ailments.


Keep your surroundings healthy -

It is very important to keep your surroundings neat and clean so that it remains free from mosquitoes and insects. Use mosquito repellents like coils and vaporisers at home, while you can also apply mosquito repellent creams and patches on your children when they go out to play. Your surrounding should also be kept free of stagnant water and garbage. Cleanliness can repel monsoon diseases like dengue or malaria.


Maintain basic hygiene -

Not just the surroundings, it is also important to keep yourself clean and hygienic during the monsoons. Always make it a point to wash your hands before eating or cooking or feeding your baby. It is at this time of the year that bacteria and viruses become the most active and pesky. So, make it a habit to wash your hand and feet with soap and warm water after you get back from work.

Whenever you are out, make sure that you carry kerchiefs or wipes. Avoid touching face with bare hands. Eyes, nose and mouth are the open transmitters of flu virus into your body.


Drink clean water -

Monsoon is the most notorious time for the spread of water-borne diseases like cholera and diarrhoea. Make sure that your drink properly filtered water or boiled water. For your baby, its best to boil drinking water thoroughly before feeding him/her. Whenever you go out, carry your own water bottle. Avoid drinking water and juices from roadside vendors.


Besides these precautions, also make sure to visit a doctor immediately if you have flu and stay away from children until the flu subsides. Go for a preventive blood test if necessary.


All the information provided on is only for awareness regarding healthcare. Its our kind request to contact your doctor before trying any suggestion on web. The aim of our healthtips page is to provide you health related information & make you aware of your health. Your doctor has much more knowledge & insights about your health and you should never ignore their advice. Its our humble request to all our readers to never blindly follow any health content available on web.