5 Health Tips to Stay Healthy During Winter Season

Now the question is how to keep ourselves protected from the devil weather. Here come our tips for a healthy & fit you.Winter season comes with cold waves & lots of sufferings related to health. It becomes very important to take care of your health in winter season as you can easily catch a cold & cough because of the cold weather. At the same time, digestion related ailments also become a pain point for people during winters, the reason behind this is the slow body movement.

Now the question is how to keep ourselves protected from the devil weather.


Here come our Tips for a Healthy & Fit you:

1. Flu-proofing yourself

Keep yourself hydrated with warm water throughout the day, if possible you can also infuse some lemon or cucumber to make your drink alkaline and give an immunity boost to your body. Just drop a slice of lemon or cucumber in warm water and let the juice diffuse into the water and your water is ready to use! This will ensure you are free of any colds and coughs that are common during winters.


2. Skin

Depending on the place you live, make it a point to use light or thick woolens to protect your body from the harsh weather. Keep your skin moisturized either with some lotion or cream so that you are insulated from any skin conditions like flaky skin or itchy skin.

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3. Hair and Scalp

Use warm mustard oil to keep dandruff at bay. This is my favorite grandma recipe. Long before olive oil came into the Indian market, people in Northern parts of India which faces a chilly winter, used to apply mustard oil for head massage to keep winter blues away. The inherent heat producing property of the oil gives warmth to the whole body.

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4. Pranayam

Right nostril breathing or Surya Bhedana is an apt breathing exercise during winter. This when done properly, can generate heat in the body and keep you warm even in extremely cold weather.


5. Food Intake

Consume winter friendly veggies and fruits. Yes, you heard it right. Seasonal vegetables like beets, carrots, gourds, greens, capsicum, potatoes, arvi have the natural tendency to keep us full for long and at the same time provide all nutrients needed and preferably cook them in mustard oil.

So, load up on that finger licking mooli paratha, aloo methi sabzi, dal soup, gajar ka halwa, and satiate your senses and keep your tummy cozy and happy.



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