7 Healthy Foods to Include in Kids' Diet

Healthy foods to include in kids' dietIt is a feat for every parent to feed their kids healthy foods so as to boost their health with the necessary supply of nutrients. Most of the kids hardly love what is on their plate; on the contrary they are inclined towards unhealthy food like chips, donuts, french fries, chicken nuggets and loads of chocolates.


Here we have put together some Healthy Nutrient-filled Foods that your Kid must eat for a Good Health and Better Immunity:

1. Rice, pasta and bread

Carbs are the most essential part of a kids’ diet as it gives your kid all the necessary source of energy. They also help to build and repair tissues. Carbs are available also in sugary form, but pick foods that are rich in starch and fiber.


2. Sweet Potato

This should be a must inclusion in your kids’ diet as it is one of the most nutritious veggies for kids. It is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium, fiber and has loads of antioxidants. Sweet potatoes improve eye health and strengthen immune system. The antioxidant gives the ability to fight against a number of diseases and infections.


3. Yogurt

You’ll definitely want to add yogurt as a part of your kids’ diet as it is a source of good bacteria called probiotics. Give them some Greek yogurt or a low-fat yogurt with a sprinkling of roasted flax seeds or chia seeds. You can also shred some colorful fruits to yogurt. Probiotics is needed to keep their little tummy healthy and happy.


4. Eggs, meat and fish

These foods are rich in protein and one of the most essential nutrients in a kid’s diet. Protein builds body cells, fights infections and carries oxygen. If you are a vegetarian, substitute these non-vegetarian foods with nuts, beans and dairy products.


5. Avocado

Filled with monounsaturated fats or good fats, avocado is a must inclusion in your kids’ everyday diet. Good fats should be introduced in their diet very early as it is important for early year’s development of body and brain. Ripe mashed avocado is a perfect baby food.


6. Spinach, black beans, chick peas

Folate is a very essential nutrient for your growing kid and these foods are very rich in folate. This is a type of B vitamin and a lack of this can lead to anaemia.


7. Seeds and nuts

There is nothing important than bowel regularity in your child and fiber plays the important role. Other than nuts and seeds, whole-grain cereals, chickpeas, lentils and kidney beans are equally important sources of fiber too.


Have you been feeding these to your kids? Prepare interesting dishes for your kids so that they can enjoy their food.  


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