Help Your Child Beat Their Exam Stress by These Simple Tips

Help your child beat their exam stress by these simple tips

“Class, your exam is going to start from the next week, come prepared!”

For most of us, this one statement by the teacher used to make us feel dizzy and panicky.

The word ‘exam’ has been a dreaded word for most of us in our childhood. A few days before the exam used to be terrifying with hours of cramming and sleepless nights. I remember my exam days and I’m sure we all do. The exam is like an assessment that teats your learning and ability to implement that learning. As simple as it might sound, exams are a more serious affair than that. 

Why is exam such a nightmare to children?

Psychology works behind this.

  • Children who have been unmindful throughout the year is afraid that they won’t be able to answer the questions.
  • Children are often afraid of their strict parent.
  • Some children are very sensitive and feel that they might disappoint their parents with the result.
  • Peer pressure and parental pressure often stress out a child and they do badly in the exam paper.

So here’s what parents can do to calm their child and help them prepare better for exams to beat the exam stress:

1. Give them a balanced diet:

This is not just to beat the exam blues but for an over-all healthy child. It is important that your child eats a balanced diet with all the essential nutrients and avoids junk food as much as possible. Also during exams, children must stay away from junk food altogether as it is high in fat, high in sugar, processed. These foods affect your child’s mood making them impatient and irritable. Junk food may also upset your kids’ stomach making them sick.

Whatever your child eats reflects on his energy level and concentration power. Let them have more seeds and nuts, vegetables, fruits, fish and yoghurt. These foods will fuel your child’s brain improving memory and focus.

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2. Don’t add to their stress:

It’s exam time and our child is already stressed out. Don’t add to it by setting specific goals for him. As a parent, you have seen the world and know how to handle stress, but your child doesn’t. They are still in the learning phase. Children get anxious very easily. Don’t put pressure on your child. Help him deal with the stress and teach them how to remain composed. You will know your child’s learning capacity, so don’t have unrealistic expectation from them.

Encourage your child and tell him, “Do your best!”

3. Give them methodical breaks:

Can you work for hours at a stretch? The same goes for your children too. They are young minds and they need breaks from time to time to rejuvenate their brain. So restricting your children from watching television, playing video games, using their phones or hanging out with friends is not helping them much. Social interaction is as much important as studies. Sitting for hours with books and assignments will prevent them from focusing, concentrating and remembering.

Sit your child and prepare a schedule instead. Set time aside for play and family. 

4. Help them program a study schedule:

It is the habit for most parents to prepare a schedule and force their child to follow that. Don’t do that, instead allow your children to prepare a schedule and sit with him to modify it. This way you are teaching your child self-dependence and responsibility. Rules and regulations set by parents might pose as pressure, but routine prepared by your children will give them the freedom to study and revise.

5. Avoid dissecting their exam paper:

Do you remember that time when after writing exam we used to discuss with our friends the answers? It is a norm, children are constantly questioning themselves if they have answered all the questions properly or if it is wrong. Even the most academically bright child tends to feel under-confident at some point. So it is better you don’t reprimand your child for lack of confidence. Help them relax and prepare well for the upcoming exams.


If your child will be writing an exam soon, don’t push them unnecessarily. Help them beat the exam stress prepare them to do their best. 


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