Why You Should Always Opt for Home-Cooked Meal

Why You Should Always Opt for Home Cooked MealThe home-cooked meal or as it is commonly called ghar ka khana seems like a distant dream these days. As life gets more and more busy and time gets constrained, most of us prefer to eat takeaway from restaurants resulting in an increased waistline and increased food bill. But this needs to stop and we all should prefer home-cooked meals for at least five days a week. Eating home-cooked meal not just gives you the advantage of spending some family time during dinners but is good for health too.


Here are Some Reasons Why You Should Opt for Home Cooked Meals:

Healthy ingredients and cooking –

Foods prepared in restaurants and fast food joints are usually high in fat, sugar, and salt. But if we prepare food at home, we know exactly what and how much we are putting in food. Moreover, we can also change our cooking styles here and there to include more veggies in our dish. By doing this, children will not only get into the habit of eating more and more veggies but will stay healthy too.


Food allergies can be avoided –

Food allergies are common and many people have allergies to a number of food ingredients. Every time we go to a restaurant or a takeaway joint, we cannot ask about the ingredients the chef will use to cook the ordered dish. But if we cook at home, we are in control of the kitchen and can avoid preparing food that might cause an allergic reaction.


Control Portions –

Who can resist a big plate of biryani or butter chicken or Schezwan noodles? Hardly anyone, unless you have a rock-solid determination which sadly most of us don’t. So the chance is that you will eat the whole portion instead of putting it aside in the fridge. But when you prepare food at home, you can control the portion size and cook only how much you will eat. Home cooked food will eliminate unnecessary temptation.


Saves money –

Eating home cooked food saves you a lot of money as a restaurant food bill not just includes the cost of food but a lot of other additional costs too. So it’s better you get your grocery shopping done beforehand so as to avoid the urge of eating outside. Plan your meals according to the veggies and grocery bought.


Occasional cheat meals are ok, but making it a habit to eat restaurant-made food is not right. Eat home-cooked food to reduce your waistline and stay fit and fine.

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