How Air Pollution Affects us in Many Ways

Air pollution effects

When we wake up, the air is unlike before. It is a combination of multiple life-threatening chemicals & gases making its way into our health system. According to WHO (World Health Organisation), these non-communicable diseases due to indoor and outdoor pollution are a cause of 6.5 million deaths globally.

New Delhi is the most hazardous and polluted cities in the world. Patna, Gwalior, Raipur, Ahmedabad, and Lucknow are also in the list of most polluted cities in the world.

Air Pollution is no doubt a public health disaster, therefore crippling our long-term well-being and productivity. Air Pollution causes heart diseases resulting in a higher number of strokes, chronic respiratory disease incidences like a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, skin cancer, lung cancer, skin, and eye allergies. Children catching diseases are at a very high risk because of their developing immune system. Premature birth rate and less fatal growth are also linked to highly contaminated air caused by air pollution.

Currently, no governments assessment/policies on the health diseases caused by air pollution have a concrete approach. No air quality checks versus diseases associated with it are being measured for major cities and towns.


How can it affect our future generation?

  • Shortage of Clean Water
  • More respiratory and heart-related ailments
  • Severe Climate changes leading to more allergies
  • A decline in life expectancy
  • Higher sea levels
  • Ozone layer depletion causing more ultraviolet rays to penetrate Earth resulting in an increasing trend of skin cancer

For the sake of our future generations and our wellbeing, we need to take preventive measures and necessary steps to curb it. Why do we think of it as a trivial issue? Why do we not seek who’s responsible for these unwanted deaths?

This kind of pragmatic approach to tackling this issue remains unattended.


Numerous solutions could be used, for instance, 

  • If proper air quality monitoring systems are installed, it can index the data of pollution contents - gases/ particles.
  • Use of electric and hybrid cars can curb the gas emissions caused by fuel driven cars. 
  • Introduction to bio-fuel engines
  • Check on diesel vehicles
  • Pushing factories out of cities
  • Developing free emission zones in the city  

Though industries and commerce create most of the pollution, individuals can also contribute to their personalized scale of preventive measures. State governments must be encouraged to measure air pollution and the index is proportional to the diseases against it.


Decrease Waste

Reducing waste is the primary step to prevent pollution. We should be cautious while purchasing products, and check if they can be recycled, reused are biodegradable. Recyclable or less packaging products reduce waste.


Use Water and Electricity Wisely

Unplugging electronics when they are not in use and turning off unnecessary lights not only saves power bill but also reduces energy consumption. Children also can be taught about this from a very young age.
We can also buy energy efficient and water efficient appliances and devices.


Use more efficient transport

Walking is a very healthy habit to inculcate, but in today's world, our lives are so fast paced that we cannot walk for 15 minutes to reach a place and instead we use our car quickly to reach early to save time. But have we ever given a thought our vehicles are producing pollution which we are only inhaling?

Buying fuel efficient cars is an essential step to prevent pollution. Carpooling, walking, biking, using public transport are also ways to reduce pollutants.

At present, it is such an alarming situation, that we all need to create awareness on an individual level to prevent pollution. We, humans, have created this hazy world, and we alone are responsible to make it a liveable place to enjoy life.

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