How IVF is Hope For The Couple Who are Struggling to Conceive

How IVF is Hope For The Couple Who are Struggling to Conceive

Having one complete family is everyone’s dream, but with so many things in life-related to work, health issues or fulfilling our goals but realize this later. When we realize that now it’s the time to have children it already too late and our body has so many things to deal with.  But with this advancement in research, we have succeeded in having that picture perfect family.

Factors that can affect:

  • Age – as women get older the number of eggs containing follicles starts decreasing especially by 35 years and by 40 it drops further. It also increases the chances of miscarriage.
  • Weight and diet – both men and women can be affected because of their weight issues. Sometimes people with low body weight also are affected and putting little weight can help in pregnancy. Healthy weight and right nutrition are important equally.
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  • Smoking – it damages the cervix and fallopian tubes also increase the risk of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy.
  • Time of ovulation cycle – many couples face this problem and consulting a gynecologist can solve this. Also, many kits are available in the market that can help.
  • Stress – evidence has shown that stress affects the chances of conceiving. It also may cause irregular cycles and low mobility of sperms.

Problems in ovulation:

The proper functioning of ovulation is necessary for the ovaries which release eggs for fertilization. This process is controlled by the hypothalamus or pituitary gland which secrets hormones.

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) – it causes a hormone imbalance that affects ovulation. It is very common in female and is associated with insulin resistance, abnormal hair growth, and acne.

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  • Hypothalamic dysfunction – hormones secreted by pituitary gland are (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) which are responsible for ovulation. They can be disrupted by increased body weight and stress which affects ovulation.

  • Premature ovarian failure – it is an autoimmune response or by the premature loss of eggs from the ovary. The ovary doesn’t produce eggs and lowers estrogen production in women of age 40.

  • Increase in prolactin - The pituitary gland may increase the production of prolactin that reduces estrogen production and affects conceiving.

Damage to fallopian tubes:

Damaged or blocked fallopian tubes block the passage of fertilized egg into the uterus. It can be due to –

  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Any surgeries in the abdomen


It occurs when tissue that lines the uterus grows in the ovary and fallopian tube. It can disrupt implantation.

Uterine or cervical causes:

These can impact fertility by interfering with implantation or causes miscarriage –

  • Benign polyps or tumors (fibroids )
  • Endometriosis scarring (due to endometriosis surgery)

In vitro fertilization helping couples:

It is fertilization of egg and sperm inside outside the woman's body (in vitro).  It is assisted reproductive technology and mostly used when all other techniques fail.

It is a very simple procedure in which the fertilization takes place and after an embryo is formed it is transferred after 3 to 5 days into the woman's womb. Now it grows normally in the womb for 9 months. It has also helped in reducing any genetic disorders running in the family so, that the child is healthy.

According to the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (SART), the approximate chances of giving birth by IVF are -

  • 41 to 43 % under 35 years
  • 33 to 36 % for 35 to 37 years
  • 23 to 27 % for 38 to 40 years
  • 13 to 18 % over 41years

When IVF was introduced to the world in the 1980’s many didn’t think that it would be successful and provide hope to many parents. Much of the research has gone into this procedure and made it a success.

Many parents have shared their stories and many celebrities have opted for IVF. It can bring happiness to couples who feel depressed about not having children. Also, choose wisely the clinic and the doctor where you want the procedure. It’s best to be in good hands.


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