How Quitting Alcohol can be a Blessing for Your Health

here are reasons how quitting alcohol can be a blessing for your health.“It’s my birthday today” 

                               “Chal daruu peete hain” (Let’s have a drink!)


“I got a promotion” 

                            “Chal daruu peete hain”


“The girl I had been stalking is getting married” 

                                                            “Chal daruu peete hain”


“I am down with cold and flu”

                                     “Chal daruu peete hain”


The solution to happiness, sadness, excitement, heartbreak, and even sickness is alcohol for youngsters these days. Drinking alcohol has become so common these days that even after a hard day at work, we de-stress ourselves with alcohol. Even a few decades back, people would look forward to spending time with their family and now alcohol is a best friend. It is that one entity we cannot do without at any social gathering be it a celebration or to drown our failures.

There is alcohol everywhere and it is quite a challenge to quit alcohol completely. But quitting alcohol is definitely life changing and here are …. Reasons how quitting alcohol can be a blessing for your health.


It Saves Money:

Alcohol is undoubtedly an expensive pursuit. Have you ever calculated how much you spend on alcohol every month? It could be easily some thousands. And if you buy drinks at a bar, that is going to cost you even more. But if you give up alcohol you can easily save that money which could add up to some huge savings annually. You can pay all your bills and loans on time besides doing some big savings for your future. You can purchase a house, a car or go on that dream vacation.


It Improves Your Physical Health:

It is a known fact that alcohol affects your health in a number of ways. It leads to obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, damages the liver and disturbs sleep patterns. But after you give up alcohol, you will be able to sleep better in a week, you can lose some weight in two weeks and your skin will look much better in a month. Besides your heart beat rate will become normal your blood pressure count will drop to normal, your liver will start healing and you will have more energy than ever before.


It Improves your Mental Health:

Did you know that alcohol affects those areas of the brain that are responsible for coordination and sobriety? Alcohol affects your memory and emotional regulation. That is the reason why you often wake up in the morning hardly remembering the events of the previous night.


For some people, alcohol becomes an addiction and they start losing their relationships. Alcohol is in a way devastating on your family and friends.

It’s time you give up alcohol and wake up sober every morning. Waking up without a hangover is always motivating to carry on the day’s activities without any issues. You can give optimum productivity at your workplace and also repair relationships on the personal front.


Enjoy a good health! It’s time to get SOBER!

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