How Sara Ali Khan Lost Weight Battling PCOS

Here are some tips you can follow to overcome PCOS and lose weight

The newbie star kid in the showbiz Sara Ali Khan is all confessional and unapologetic about those extra pounds that she had a few years back and she is also quick to add that it was all because she suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) or PCOD. Even before she appeared on the silver screen, Sara Ali Khan was always in the news and is already a social media sensation because of her dramatic weight loss journey. She has also been praised widely by netizens after she opened up about her struggle with PCOS and weight loss. She did not hide her condition; on the contrary, she spoke about it openly since she wanted to create awareness among young girls that PCOS is common and you can still lead a regular lifestyle and achieve your desired weight with this condition.

PCOS is not curable but it is treatable. But you have to be determined to eat healthily and lose your weight and win the battle against PCOS.

PCOS is a hormonal disorder that affects millions of women around the globe in their reproductive years. Facial hair, uncontrollable weight gain, irregular periods or no periods at all and male pattern baldness are some common symptoms of PCOS. However, they vary from women to women depending on the severity of the condition.

In a recent interview with BBC, she revealed how she changed her diet to lose all of that 30 kg that she was overweight. She said that when she was in Columbia for four years, it struck her in the second year that she wanted to act in mainstream Bollywood but the realization that she had to lose weight dawned on her when her weighing scale measured 96 kilos. Added to that, she gorged on a lot of pizzas that was also the cause of her weight gain besides PCOS. While she devoured pizzas in the first two years of her college, she chose salads and everything healthy along with an exercise pattern that made her lose weight. But even to this day in spite of having PCOS, she manages to maintain her weight because she avoids junk food and eats home-made food while following a strict exercise regime of pilates and boot camp training.

Here are some tips you can follow to overcome PCOS and lose weight:

Avoid junk food:

Pizzas, chips, frozen food will add to your weight and mess up with your hormone levels. The chemicals and preservatives in them are harmful to your health and also increase blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Have fresh fruits, salads, and home-cooked food.

Eat more of fiber:

Fiber should be a must inclusion in your diet if you want to lose weight. Since fiber keeps you fuller for longer and curbs your hunger pangs, it will control your appetite in the next meal. Fresh fruits and lots of leafy greens are the best inclusions for a fiber-rich diet.

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Physical activity and exercise:

Maintaining a fixed exercise routine is very important to reduce the boy fat, control insulin levels, and androgen levels if you are having PCOS. You can take up any exercise routine of your choice, be it gymming, yoga, pilates, cardio, strength training, aerobics or swimming.

Cut off the calories from diet:

Foods like cakes, chocolates, cupcakes, cookies, candies sweets and aerated drinks increase the insulin resistance that leads to weight gain. They also increase your appetite at short intervals.

Manage stress:

Stress along with PCOS is a bad option. Stress leads to weight gain too. Stress messes up with the hormones having adverse effects on your health.

Sara’s inspiration to battle PCOS was her dream to venture into Bollywood, what’s yours? For now, why not visualize a confident life ahead and lose some weight to battle PCOS? You can!


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