How to Choose & Use Contact Lenses

Contact lens

If you have a vision power that requires you to wear spectacles throughout the day, chances are that you might have considered wearing contact lens at some point or other. It is a thin plastic film covering your cornea and corrects vision problems like farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism.

Spectacles change the way we look, but the lens keeps our appearance the same while at the same time correcting our vision.


There are a Few Things that we should keep in mind before Choosing a Contact Lens:

How often will you be wearing the contact lens?

You should first and foremost consider how long and how often you want to wear a contact lens. There are contact lenses available for long-time use and some others that are disposable. If you are planning to use a contact lens for a full-time purpose, a soft contact lens is the best choice.


Do you want your vision to be sharp?

Doctors often recommend using soft lens if you have a regular vision problem, but for astigmatism, you must consider rigid gas permeable contact lenses also called GP lens.


Will you take care of your contact lens?

Contact lens requires special care. Many face contact lens-related eye problems like corneal ulcers or fungal eye infection. But when you take off your contact lens after every use, it is important that you wash your contact lens a couple of times with the solution to disinfect it.

Alternatively, you can also opt for a disposable soft lens that you can discard after a single use.


Do you have dry eyes and allergies?

If you have eyes allergies and dry eyes, then contact lens might not be a comfortable solution for you. These eye conditions require extra care and ophthalmologists usually do not recommend wearing a contact lens in such circumstances.


What is the purpose of contact lens?

When you are procuring contact lens for the first, you must know the purpose of your contact lens. Are you wearing a contact lens to correct eye vision or just to stylize your appearance? Are you going to wear it on a regular basis or just during weekends or occasionally?

These are some points you should consider before purchasing a contact lens. Based on these, you can choose the quality of the contact lens or the color.


Cost of contact lens?

Contact lens doesn’t come at a cheap rate. It does not mean that you can eliminate your vision problems; you might have to wear spectacles at times. Therefore, it is better to add the price of the solution when calculating the cost of the contact lens.

Don’t start wearing contact lens before considering your doctor’s advice. Your doctor will be the best person to help you choose your contact lens. 


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