How to Prepare for Work After Pregnancy

7 Things to Consider If You are Working in PregnancyLast week, I was chatting with a friend of mine over the phone who asked me to meet up over a weekend lunch as she had important matters to discuss with me. I being the mother of a 3-year-old baby, so was naturally petrified if her 1-year-old is alright. However, we met for lunch in a couple of days and she was there with her baby in tow. The one-year-old looked extremely cute and chubby. He was laughing his heart out. Well, the baby seems perfectly fine. What could it be then?

After we exchanged pleasantries, I asked her reason for the urgent summons. She said she felt like talking to me. Really? Is that all?


She immediately complimented me on being hands down mother. I was elated and confused with the compliment at the same time. Did she really meet me just to compliment me? She could have simply appreciated me over the phone.

“Hey, gal, why don’t you just blurt out why you called me?”

Now, this friend of mine is quite an emotional fool and she was all teary-eyed at the moment. She said, “I want to go back to my career, but this kiddo is really little. I don’t know what to do. It feels like I’ll be neglecting my baby and I’m feeling super guilty now”.

Been there, done that. That was all I could think of. I also tried to suppress laughter as I thought she will be laughing over the same moment a few years going ahead.

“Are you still not over your post-partum depression?” I wanted to lighten things up. “Trust me this is not that hard, I’ll help you!”

Since I had joined work after my daughter turned two, I know every feeling that a new mother goes through after the maternity break. Here are some tips that you can follow and be a great working mother without any guilt:

It is very common for new mothers to get used to being close to the baby, nursing and taking care of the baby and job at that point feels like a distant dream. But here’s what you can do.


Drill of the new routine –

If your maternity leave is about to come to an end or you are resuming work after a one or two-year motherhood break, make sure that you practice your office days’ routine a few weeks before. It is a completely new role that you need to adapt to, so the best way to work out your daily routine with efficiency is to organize it well a couple of weeks before. Practice waking up early in the morning and if possible arrange a daycare for your child. By doing this, both you and your baby will get into the habit of parting from each other at least for a few hours.


Take up a part-time job –

A part-time or a freelance job before you start your full-time job routine will give you a heads up on how you can maintain your work life balance. It will help you to sort out and balance well your schedules and routines.


Speak to your obstetrician or a pediatrician –

Why do you need to sort out a few things with your doctor? Well, the maternity leave available is usually of six to seven months and many mothers choose to start working even while their baby is on lactation. Breastfeeding is the most important for your baby and you cannot compromise on this task. So talk to your doctor if you can pump your milk and store it to feed your baby later.     


Choose a day-care well –

After you resume your job, this would be the most important concern for you. Someone or someplace efficient and trained enough should be in the care of your baby. These days, most daycare facilities have CCTV cameras so that parents can get an access to see how the kids are taken care of. Take time to choose an appropriate daycare. 

Besides these, plan your day the night before. Always carry healthy snacks to your workplace. Eating nutritious food will fuel you to cope up physically with the daily grind.

And give up on the mommy guilt. Always know that you being the mother know what is best for your baby. Set your priorities right, talk to your boss about your work time routine. You can definitely say no if you are assigned job after your work schedule. You baby definitely comes before everything. 


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