How to take care of your baby's oral health

How to take care of your baby's oral health

How to take care of your baby's oral health?

We know that your baby’s beautiful smile makes your day. You live for it & always want your baby’s smile to get brighter & healthier. So, the question is how to preserve it by taking proper care of their dental health?
Just like adults, it is important for babies to have a good oral hygiene. Oral health translates into overall health. Nature has given good protection for those which are exclusively breastfed from birth, as mother’s milk doesn’t contain anything acidic that otherwise can erode the enamel of the teeth. In fact, the milk nourishes the bones and the growing teeth. It is also proven to be preventing teeth alignment and biting issues when growing up.


The problem sets in when a baby gets partially or fully weaned from breastmilk and begins to have other foods like cow milk, cereals or porridges. When partially weaned, the mother can opt to give little water after a session of breastfeeding. This helps to neutralize any acidic buildup in the mouth. After solids are introduced, a mother then needs to be wary of any thrush formation that can occur at this stage and regularly clean it up with a finger brush. I still remember being unaware of it & ending up in getting tough 1 hr dental procedure to my 1.5 yr toddlers milk teeth, which was very tough & devastating to see. I had never seen her crying to such an extent. This had made me think & conclude these points for all the mothers.


Another way the Indian moms have been practicing since ages is applying a dash of coconut oil at the end of a soft napkin and gently cleaning the tongue and swish the mouth with a finger. Since coconut oil has antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties, it helps in killing harmful bacteria and eliminates any bad odor.


As the child grows, parents must ensure to inculcate good oral habits by making them brush along with them or the child’s siblings twice a day. A gargle made of sea salt and peppermint oil can be made to ensure a good rinse of the mouth. Yet another fun way to teach the importance of brushing is to show the rhyme videos available online so the child can easily relate to it and practice along with the video.



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