How to Treat Mouth Ulcers Naturally

How to treat mouth ulcers naturallyMouth Ulcers or canker sores as they are called are common. They are small lesions in mouth that are painful and make eating quite uncomfortable. Even drinking water gets problematic. People with a family history of mouth ulcers are always at a risk of developing them. Contrary to the popular belief, mouth ulcers aren’t contagious, and they go away within a week or two. However, at times, mouth ulcers get very painfully large and take a longer time to heal. It is then that medical supervision is needed.


Causes of Mouth Ulcers:

Mouth ulcers don’t often happen with a cause but if it happens often, there are certain triggers that need to be avoided. Identify these triggers that might cause mouth ulcers in you and try avoiding them

  • Mouth injury due to hard brushing, accidental bite, dental equipment’s or sports injury.
  • Sodium lauryl Sulphate based toothpastes and mouth washes
  • Sensitivity to acidic foods like strawberries, citrus fruits or pineapples.
  • Deficiency of Vitamin B12, zinc, folate and iron
  • Bacterial, fungal or viral infection
  • Dental braces
  • Hormonal changes due to menstruation


These are some common triggers that might lead to mouth ulcers but if they happen more than often with extremely painful lesions and last longer than usual, then there is a chance that you might be having one of these health conditions.

  • IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease)
  • Celiac disease
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Behcet’s Disease
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • HIV

Natural Remedies to Treat Mouth Ulcers: 

Here are natural ways to treat mouth ulcers at home

You don’t need to visit the doctor for mouth ulcers. You can try these natural remedies to get rid of unwanted ulcers.

  • Rinse with saltwater and baking soda
  • Apply milk of magnesia on mouth ulcer
  • Apply a thick paste of baking soda covering the mouth ulcers
  • Use OTC benzocaine products like Orajel or Anbesol
  • Apply ice to sores
  • Use steroid-based mouth rinse to soothe pain and reduce swelling
  • Place damp tea bags on ulcer
  • Take nutritional supplements like Vitamin B12, B6, folate and zinc

When should you see a doctor for mouth ulcers?

Mouth ulcers stay for a week or so and disappear on it own, but if any of the following happens, then you should see a doctor.

  • Lesions that are unusually large and very painful
  • New mouth ulcers even before the old one gets healed
  • Sores that don’t heal for more than 3 weeks
  • Painless sores
  • Sores that remains unresponsive to OTC or natural medications
  • High fever or diarrhoea as sores start appearing


Try the said natural remedies to cure mouth ulcers at home. Avoid acidic foods, instead go for fresh vegetables, and whole grains. Eat a well-nutritious diet and don’t forget to take a multi-vitamin every day.


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