Blood glucose monitor: How to use & Choose it

Here is a guide on how you can use a Glucometer at homeIt is important to take good care of your health these days. The modern environment and lifestyle are contaminated with pollution, smoke, fast food, alcohol, stress and worries. We are more prone to chronic diseases and a number of infections. Diabetes is one such chronic lifestyle disease and if not controlled can go out of proportion leading to a number of health maladies like blindness, kidney failures, nerve damage, heart attacks and diabetic foot that may also lead to amputation.

If you are a diabetic patient keeping a blood glucometer handy is the best thing to do. A glucometer can help you keep a record of your blood sugar levels at all times instead of multiple visits to the doctor’s clinic. Moreover, it will also help your doctor in monitoring if your diet, lifestyle change and exercise are having any positive effects in controlling your diabetes.


Here is a guide on how you can use a Glucometer at home:

When you unbox the glucometer kit, there are 3 contents in it:


How to use it?

Step 1 –

Wash your hands with water and soap and dry well. You can also clean your fingertip with an alcohol swab.


Step 2 -

Turn the glucometer on. Take one strip from the box of diabetes test strips to insert it into the slot of your glucometer. You have to add the blood sample to the strip for testing.


Step 3 -

Now insert a clean needle into the lancet to prick your finger.


Step 4 -

Prick the pad or the side of your fingertip and wait for the blood to ooze out. Place the blood drop on the strip and wait for the reading.


How does a glucometer work?

The test strips in the glucometer have an enzyme in them called glucose oxidase that reacts with the glucose in your blood to give you the reading.


How to choose a glucometer?

  • A glucometer is usually bought for an elderly member of the family. So it is important that you pick the right glucometer that will suit the requirement.
  • Choose the one that is simple to use
  • Read the manual to know how much blood is needed for the test
  • Buy a glucometer with a large screen so that the display can be read easily
  • However, if someone younger is going to use it, look for a device that will sync results with your smartphone.


Advantages of a Blood Glucometer at home:

Testing your vitals in the comfort of your home is one of the best ways to manage your health. With the invention of a glucometer device, managing diabetes has gotten far easier saving your many trips to the clinic or the diagnostic lab.

  • It allows you to read your blood glucose level anytime and anywhere, even if you are traveling.
  • Glucometers with memory options help you keep a record of your previous readings.
  • Keeping diabetes level in check may prevent serious health complications related to diabetes.

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