Hypertension: How it Affects Your Body

Here are some Hypertension: How it affects your body

High Blood pressure or hypertension is a very common health problem in India with more than 10 million cases treated annually. High blood pressure can damage arteries, lead to strokes and brain hemorrhage too. This leads to too many health complications and in severe cases, death even. Hypertension is often called a silent killer since it exhibits no serious symptoms until any prominent physical complications.


Arterial damage

Hypertension increases the pressure of the blood flow in the arteries that might damage the cells in arteries’ inner lining. Additionally, if you don’t have a healthy dietary habit, the fat from foods you eat can collect in the damages arteries resulting in plaque buildup. This can lead to heart attacks.



Due to the constant pressure of blood flowing through the weakened arteries, a bulge forms in the section of it wall that can eventually rupture and result in internal bleeding. This can lead to serious complications and even death.


Coronary artery disease

As the arteries get narrowed and weakened, blood cannot flow freely to the heart. In such cases, an individual can experience chest pain, heart attack or irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmias). Over time, the heart simply gives up functioning and fails.


Brain damage

The brain functions well only if there is a nourishing blood supply. But due to high blood pressure, it often disrupts the proper flow of blood to the brain resulting in mini brain strokes called ischemic. It can also result in blood clots in the brain or brain hemorrhage.

Dementia is diagnosed when the brain does function optimally in memory, thoughts, speech, vision or movement. It often happens due to narrowing of the brain arteries that can be blamed on hypertension.


Kidney damage

High blood pressure can damage both the blood vessels leading to the kidneys resulting in kidney diseases and finally kidney failure. When kidneys get damages, it refrains from filtering the waste out of the blood well that leads to a dangerous level of toxin buildup. Dialysis or kidney transplantation may be required.


Eye damage 

When the blood pressure levels are high, it can damage the blood vessels supplying blood to the retina. This condition is called retinopathy and cause visionary complications like bleeding in the eyes, blurred vision or even blindness. A combination of diabetes with hypertension results in even worse consequences.


Sexual dysfunction

Inadequate blood flow to the penis results in erectile dysfunction in men and hence, infertility.



Yes, you heard it right! Hypertension can also cause bone loss and osteoporosis. How does this happen? High blood pressure results in too much calcium with your pee. As you lose calcium, your bone will pull the calcium out of your bones to make up for that. This leads to osteoporosis.


Sleep Apnea

This is a common problem for almost half the population has high blood pressure. High blood pressure triggers interrupted breathing while sleeping which is called sleep apnea. However, inadequate sleep can, in turn, spike your blood pressure levels.


These are some physical risks of hypertension and they creep slowly into your health. The best possible way to prevent these health risks is to keep your blood pressure in check frequently.






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