How to Boost Immune System of Toddlers

Here are a few smart steps that you can adapt to in order to improve your Toddler’s Immune SystemOne important question that concerns a parent is “How can I improve my child’s immune system?” Common illnesses like flu, cough and cold or fever are a regular for kids. Since their immune system is in a developing stage, therefore kids and toddlers are more susceptible to infections and it is unavoidable. But what can be avoided is their frequency of falling ill.


Here are a few smart steps that you can adapt to in order to improve your Toddler’s Immune System. Are you doing it, right parents? Read on to learn more:


Breastfeed your baby –

This is not directly related to the toddler but if you have breastfed your baby well, it will increase your child’s immune system and improve their brain power. The thin yellow ‘premilk’ colostrum that your baby gets the first few days after birth is very rich in antibodies that fight diseases and infections. Breast Milk also contains white blood cells that protect your kid against allergies, ear infections, pneumonia, colitis, Crohn’s disease, and many more life-threatening diseases. Pediatricians recommend that you should breastfeed your baby at least for the first 6months and then combine breast milk along with other foods to supplement their immunity.

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Seasonal fruits and vegetables –

Seasonal fruits and veggies are the best when it comes to improving a toddler’s immunity. Carrots, beetroot, green beans, strawberries or oranges are the best when it comes to boosting a toddler’s immune system. They contain vitamin C and carotenoids that increase the body’s production of white blood cell that blocks out the disease-causing virus.  They should have at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day to improve their stamina and immunity.

In addition to these, keep your kids away from foods that have preservatives and additives that might flare up an inflammation, cause food allergy and viral infection. It is clinically proven that sugar in child’s food suppresses immunity.


Let them sleep-

A toddler should sleep well for a minimum of 12-13 hours uninterrupted so that their body is strong enough to fight against all odd infections and attack other microbes that might lead to illness. If your child is not in the habit of sleeping during daytime or in the afternoon, put them to bed early so that they get their required hours of sleep.


Teach them basic hygiene –

Toddlers have an inherent habit of touching their mouth and nose with dirty hands. This often affects the child’s immune system. Make sure your toddler should always wash hand thoroughly before and after a meal, after playing outside or handling pets, using the bathroom and arriving home from outside. Always keep disposable wipes handy when you are out with your kid.


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Use supplements –

If your child has a weakened immune system, consult your pediatrician and start feeding Vitamin D and zinc supplements to your child.


Besides these preventive measures and steps, also take care not to smoke in front of your toddlers. Cigarette smoke contains 4000 toxins that might increase the risk of diseases like SIDS, bronchitis, ear infections, and asthma in your kids as their natural detoxification system is in a developing stage.

Make sure you are taking enough care of your kids to improve and strengthen their immune system and prevent them from falling ill often.


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