Importance of Regular Health Checkup

ew reasons Why regular Heath Check-ups are of utmost importance“Prevention is Better Than Cure”

These days the healthcare world focuses more on the importance of regular health check-ups. Whenever we visit a doctor, we are asked when was the last time we had a blood test or an overall health checkup. We are also prescribed certain vital tests that are necessary to keep a track of our health. Either once in every six months or annually, the frequency of medical test is advised depending on the health condition and medical history.


Below are a few reasons Why regular Heath Check-ups are of utmost importance:

Lowers the risk of serious illness –

Getting regular health check-ups done can be assessed by the doctor to look for any underlying health condition. Diseases can be identified at their initial stage and proper medical care and treatment can be given before it blows out of proportion and reaches to an advanced stage. These preventive health check-ups are done based on a person’s age, sex and medical history.


Prevents healthcare costs –

Healthcare cost is rising by the day. Even if we are admitted for a single day and a minor surgery, the bill amounts to a huge number. So, it is better we take preventive measures in the form of regular health check-ups rather than incurring huge expenses at the hospital. Spending a small amount of money on regular check-up tests can save huge bucks in the future and also the potential risk of serious diseases. Treatment at the budding stage of a disease can also save surgery expenses.


Blood tests are included –

Blood tests seem to be one of the most important part of a regular health check-up. A complete blood analysis can help detect serious chronic illness like cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, anaemia, HIV/AIDS and coronary artery diseases. Other than these, blood tests can also evaluate the functioning of vital organs like kidney, heart, liver and thyroid gland.


Detect serious stress-related illness –

Our fast-paced life pushes us towards a number of diseases that get triggered by stress. An inevitable increase of anxiety and stress is directly related to a number of physical and psychological illnesses like hypertension, high blood pressure, obesity, mental disorders, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, depression, asthma and gastrointestinal problems. In such situations, a regular health check-up can help diagnose any health issues that might have started growing silently.


Allows you to take control of your health –

If you go for regular health check-ups, you get to be well-aware of your health conditions and can control your lifestyle, changing it as per your health conditions. Our dental health is one of the most ignored. But if we keep a check of our dental health, problems can be handled at an early stage with changing food habits and minor lifestyle changes.


You should visit your doctor once in every six months and ask for medical check-ups.

A study by states that preventive health check-ups can also diagnose cancer and the survival rates increase. The survival rate in detection of stage 1 cancer has been 100% as compared to stage 2 cancer that has been 93%.

Being healthy is not just about eating and exercising right, regular health screening also plays a vital role.


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