Jaggery: The Healthy Sweet

Benefits of Jaggery over White SugarJaggery is nothing but unrefined sugar that has all the minerals and phytochemicals naturally preserved. While white sugar is nothing but empty calories, jaggery has a lot of essential nutrients in them that are a natural remedy to many health illnesses and improves health conditions.

Jaggery provides a lot of minerals to the body because of its processing and it does not undergo refinement or bleaching like white sugar. Therefore it is a healthy sweetener replacement for white sugar.


Benefits of Jaggery over White Sugar:

There are a number of health benefits that jaggery has. Take a look -

Aids Digestion 

It is believed that having a small slice of jaggery after a heavy meal or meat helps in easy digestion. Jaggery activates the digestive enzymes which act like acetic acid to speed up the digestive process. This is a very old natural remedy to facilitate digestion of heavy food.

Also due to fiber content in jaggery, it relieves constipation problems and cleanses our body of all the toxins.


Improves Hemoglobin level

While you might be aware of the fruits and vegetables that are rich in iron, did you also know that jaggery improves your hemoglobin level and prevents anemia. A 100g of jaggery has 11mg of iron. However, 100g of jaggery is too much to have compared to a spoonful of jaggery that contains about 2.2mg of iron. Therefore, if you are anaemic, replace white sugar with jaggery for a small amount of natural iron contribution.


Improves mood

The hormone upheaval that occurs before periods usually slaps the mood. But taking jaggery during the PMS stage will help to improve the mood as it releases happy hormones endorphins. Try this tip next time to calm fluctuating hormones.


Prevents respiratory diseases

Experts have found that eating a small amount of jaggery on a regular basis will prevent respiratory issues like asthma or bronchitis. Jaggery is an anti-allergen and also balances the body temperature in asthmatic patients. You can have it in combination with sesame seeds for maximum benefits.


Healthy skin

Besides having many positive effects on health, jaggery also benefits the skin in a number of ways. Since it is loaded with a number of vitamins and minerals, eating jaggery will nourish your skin making it healthy and glowing. It is also believed to treat skin conditions like acne and pimple.

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Jaggery is not just extracted from sugarcane, but also from date palm tree and the sap of coconut. You can try other flavors too and enjoy the goodness of this healthy sweetener. 


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