Know the 6 Easy Ways to Treat Hangover

6 ways to treat hangover

Most of us are aware of that uncomfortable situation in the morning after a night of heavy partying. A throbbing headache, feeling puckish, achy body, sluggishness, and dizziness, excessive thirst, racing heart are some common symptom of hangover that makes us swear never to drink again (but only for that moment!). Hangover is a very rough condition that affects both the body and the mind and this is a physiological response due to the presence of alcohol in the digestive system, bloodstream, kidneys, and the urinary system.

And to prevent a further hangover, it is best to avoid drinking or drink less. But it can happen that you might overdo it at times in a party or under the coaxing of friends.


Here is what you can do to curb the effects of alcohol:

Drink up more 

No more of alcohol this time but lots of water. Too much of alcohol drinking already makes you dehydrated, hence you feel like you can guzzle a few gallons of water. Take it slow. Drink a glass of water in one go.

It is even better if you keep downing water in between those cocktails and hard drinks. Keep drinking water and eating food in sufficient amounts while you are drinking alcohol. This way your blood-alcohol concentration gets reduced and also it fills up your stomach fast leaving no space more alcohol. The water also slows down the absorption of alcohol in the body.   

Eat greasy food 

It is better to take a precaution than pay the price later. Having a spoonful of olive oil before heading to a party is one of the folklore preventive remedies for a hangover. The oil helps to line the intestine with grease that will slow down alcohol absorption. You can also have a pizza or other fatty food for the same effect.

A spoonful of honey 

It is a very simple home remedy that helps to treat a hangover. Due to the presence of fructose, it neutralizes the harmful effects of alcohol and helps in the digestion of alcohol.

Have ginger 

Whenever you feel dizzy and nauseated, having ginger helps. It is a tried and tested home remedy to treat a hangover. It digests the alcohol and stabilizes the blood sugar level. Either sip on a cup of ginger tea or have a few slices of ginger to get relief from the hangover.

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Lemon water 

We all know the lemon water remedy for curing a hangover. Prepare a lemon tea without sugar and drink it. You can also squeeze in a lemon in a glass of fresh water. It regulates the level of sugar in blood after a heavy drinking.


Having a painkiller first thing in the morning after a night of heavy drinking and hangover soothes muscle cramps and headaches.


These are some tried and tested remedies that will help treat a hangover. Although you might not feel the urge to eat anything due to your hangover, it is best to have a hearty breakfast first thing in the morning. Besides having lots of water, also drink coconut water and other fluids like juices. 


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