Lifestyle Diseases: A growing issue! Are you affected too?

Lifestyle Diseases: A growing issue! Are you affected too?

If you thought life-threatening diseases are meant for the old age only, think again! These days, it has started hitting kids even and that is a matter of concern. The other when I visited the clinic for a regular checkup, I noticed a young boy aged around 10-11 years. He was considerably overweight and clearly had some breathing difficulties. “Hey, you are fine?” I asked him out of concern and offered him some water. While conversing with him I got to know that he is having type II diabetes along with high blood pressure. I was stunned beyond words. What has the world come to? It is plagued with a number of diseases that have preyed even the younger generation. These are termed as lifestyle diseases.

With the coming in of technology and a change in lifestyle, we tend to lead a sedentary life. Most of the day is either spent before the laptop or television eating junk food. This leads to an increase in weight at an alarming rate that leads to a number of diseases.


Here are Some Factors that Cause Lifestyle Diseases:

  • Faulty food habits (junk food and overuse of alcohol)
  • Physical inactivity
  • Obesity
  • Wrong body posture
  • Disturbed biological clock
  • Poor lifestyle choice like smoking
  • Chronic Stress


Some common Lifestyle Diseases that are on the rise these days are:

Type II Diabetes

Diabetes is like an epidemic these days. Obesity being one of the primary factors for many lifestyle diseases, diabetes is no different too. A poor lifestyle and bad choice of food with the lack of essential nutrients interfere with the normal insulin functioning leading to diabetes. Besides young adults, it is now getting common with kids too. 

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Hypertension –

This is also an epidemic in India with 100 million people having abnormal blood pressure rate. Genes, obesity, unhealthy eating habits, and chronic stress are some common reasons for high blood pressure.

It is a serious condition and can lead to blood clots in the brain, stroke, a fatal heart attack or dementia even. 


Cardiovascular Diseases –

As per a survey, India leads the world when it comes to the number of people suffering from heart diseases. Arteriosclerosis is a common condition of the heart where the walls of the arterial blood vessel thicken and lose elasticity. It leads to arrhythmic heartbeats, chest pain, blood circulation disorder, and sudden heart attacks. Smoking, diabetes, high blood, pressure, obesity, smoking, and high cholesterol are the common causes of heart diseases.

Around 50 million people in India suffer from heart-related disorders.


Cirrhosis –

This is a condition of the liver caused due to heavy alcohol consumption and chronic hepatitis. Drinking alcohol on a daily basis has become a habit of many to deal with stress.

It also leads to the fatty liver condition.

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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease –

Smoking, another poor lifestyle habit affects the respiratory and lung airways. Besides air pollution also plays an important role in causing diseases related to the pulmonary tract. 4.3 million Indians were diagnosed with life-threatening pulmonary diseases in 2014 and the number is on the rise in the present date.


Cancer –

Cancer has plagued the world like an epidemic. It is a life-threatening disease irrespective of age or sex. A weakened immune system due to a stressful lifestyle is the leading reason for the growth of cancer cells in the body. Tobacco, alcohol, diet, obesity, infectious agents, environmental pollutants, and radiation are important lifestyle factors causing cancer. According to a study by American Cancer Society, 90% – 95% of cancer is directly linked to obesity and other unhealthy lifestyle choices made. A change in diet and lifestyle can positively reduce the risk of cancer.


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Start with your home. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and try inculcating good habits in your kids from their very childhood. Feed them a balanced diet and encourage them to take up a sport or some sort of physical activity. Don’t allow them to spend hours slouching in front of the television or computer.

You are your kids’ teacher. Start healthy habits yourself, your kids will follow cue.

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