Lunar Eclipse Affects Physical and Psychological Health: Is it True?

Lunar eclipse affects physical and psychological health: Is it true?

Today we are going to talk about a topic that holds a lot of beliefs for centuries. It is the lunar eclipse and its effect on the human body. There have been a number of myths and explanations in connection with lunar eclipse but are they all scientifically credible? When the Earth passes through the moon and both these cosmic objects are placed so on the orbit that the Earth’s shadow falls directly on the moon to overshadow it, is called a lunar eclipse. At this stage, the moon disappears for a short time and the night gets completely dark. People from the ancient times believed that this darkness meant that a bad omen was about to befall.  These are stories and beliefs that still surface today and some people blindly follow them. Let’s be honest here and let you know that there is no proven scientific explanation to back these. However, NASA says that lunar eclipse might have some effect on the human psyche, although it does not support the belief that lunar eclipse can have any physical effect on people. 

Now let us take a look at some of those beliefs and if it has any scientific evidence

Lunar eclipse affects the feminine hormones

This one is for all the women. It has been speculated for long that there is a connection between a lunar eclipse and menstrual cycle. 

Therefore, it is believed that during the lunar eclipse, a woman might be bleeding, ovulating or experiencing PMS symptoms. But what is the truth behind this? There seems to be none.

Tidal effect on the body

It is believed that the moon’s gravitational pull might also affect the body. We all know that tides occur due to the gravitational pull of the moon and since our body is 70% water, we may also feel the same effect. That is the reason why pregnant women are also not allowed to see the lunar eclipse or be outside when there is a lunar eclipse. It is said that if women are outdoors at the time of the lunar eclipse, they give birth to babies with deformities. But again there is no science to back up this belief.

Sleep disruption

Well, this one has a little bit of evidence to it. It is studied that during full moon people have a disruptive sleep cycle with 20 minutes less sleep than other times.

Affects the emotion

It is believed that lunar eclipse can pull a lot of emotional energy making you feel extra sensitive and empty.

Do you believe in any of these superstitions? Please share with us your thoughts and if you have any scientific pieces of evidence to prove them.


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