Masturbation: 5 Myths and Facts

Masturbation myths and facts

Masturbation – A very common sexual habit has earned a bad reputation primarily because in India it is a taboo to talk about and explore your sexuality. Sex experts say that masturbation is as common as breathing and going to the bathroom. There is nothing unnatural associated with it. In fact, it is a healthy sexual activity. Besides people attach a lot of myths to it so as to inculcate a sense of fear in individuals and prevent them from indulging in such activities.

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Today let’s see some myths surrounding masturbation and also the relevant facts

Myth 1: Masturbation leads to erectile dysfunction and a decrease in sperm count

Fact: There are many reasons why an individual might suffer from erectile dysfunction and masturbation does not make it to the list of reasons. Also, the popular belief that masturbation decreases the sperm count is far from the truth. Masturbating multiple times through the day may temporarily impact the sperm count. So there is nothing to worry about. After an ejaculation, it takes men usually 12-24 hours to regenerate a good sperm count, so masturbating many times in a day will suppress your sperm count. Give yourself a break and your sperm count will be back to normal.

Myth 2: Masturbation can make you go blind

Fact: What?! No, it does not! This had been a very popular misconception which led scientists to find out the fact. And from their studies, it has been revealed that there is absolutely no link between masturbation and going blind. On the contrary, they have assured you that people who masturbate daily have never been found to suffer from any diseases that had been blamed on masturbation, and that includes blindness too.

Myth 3: Masturbation while in relationships denotes a failed relationship/marriage

Fact: Irrespective of being single or in a relationship, people masturbate and no, it does not indicate a failed sexual relationship. Many couples have admitted to the fact that masturbation is mutually consensual in their relationship and it helps them explore their sexuality together. But again it depends on your partner and their mentality. For some couples, it does not work out as the partner considers it to be cheating.

Myth 4:  There are no health benefits of masturbation

Fact: Sex Experts believe that masturbation can actually be a good indulgence to your health. It improves concentration levels and induces better sleep. Masturbation releases feel-good hormones endorphins that relieve stress and tension and better fitness levels. It also reduces vaginal dryness in menopausal women.

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Myth 5:  You can masturbate too much

Fact: You must not worry about your masturbating unless and until it becomes a medium of escape to your real life experiences and starts affecting your health and social life. When you start experiencing physical and emotional distress, you must cut back and talk to your doctor.

Masturbation is completely healthy and natural and you should not feel guilty about it. Don’t give in to believe any myths. In most cases, masturbation actually benefits your health than having any adverse effects. 


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