Natural Ways to Prevent Diaper Rashes

Natural ways to prevent diaper rashes


Natural Ways to Prevent Diaper Rashes:

One of the best inventions that made motherhood easier was the modern diaper. Little babies look a lot cuter with a diaper and nothing on them and giving that unmissable smile. But with convenience sometimes comes with a price tag. One such is the diaper rash that babies develop due to excessive use of diapers. If an infant or a toddler wears the diaper too long, they develop rashes due to constant friction of the diaper material on their bare and tender skin. The child gets cranky and shows signs of irritation as it cannot tell out what is bothering. So, a new mom finds it challenging to deal with. Fret not! We do have solutions to overcome this -

  1. Use Diapers as minimal as possible like when you step out of home for a long time, during travel and during night time.
  2. While the child is at home, use soft thin-layered cotton diapers that have been around even before the modern diaper came into our lives and ensure to change them frequently.
  3. As the child grows, you can choose to keep the bottom open during daytime by putting a waterproof sheet and some soft clothes around as supportive absorbents.
  4. opt for a one-time investment of at least 8 – 10 reusable cloth diapers that come with inserts made of bamboo, charcoal, microfiber etc. and wash them well and dry under the sun to get the antimicrobial effect of sun rays.
  5. If you still see the child developing rashes, you can make a herbal mix of coconut with some chamomile essential oil or aloe vera and apply gently around the rashes. It works like magic!
  6. If you can’t make your own, go for herbal based diaper creams like Himalaya or MeeMee that are safe for kids.

Now that we have shared with you the details of protecting your baby from this most commonly faced problem, Hope you will implement it & be saved from it forever.


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