Non-Dairy Foods to Meet your Calcium Need

Non-Dairy Foods to Meet your Calcium Need

Non-Dairy Foods to Meet your Calcium Need:

Think of non-dairy foods and the next thing that comes to your mind is lactose intolerance or veganism. We tend to wonder how these groups get their calcium from as it is unimaginable to lead a life without dairy or its byproducts for someone who has been used to consuming them from birth but take heart! Mother Nature has distributed all essential nutrients generously across a spectrum of foods. And we have the prerogative to choose what suits us.


There is a set of health-conscious mass who believe in Vegan way of living which means only consuming plant-based diet nor dairy nor meat. Which means not including anything in the diet which is animal based or related. They believe that the right to consume milk is only of Calves not human being as breastmilk is for babies of the respective mother so is the cow milk.


So here comes the curiosity among other groups that how & from where they are getting their calcium from? Calcium that is essential for bone health and a strong set of teeth is found in abundance in sesame seeds, almonds, cashews, spinach, beans, finger millets (ragi), tofu; the list is endless.


For instance, the calcium you get by consuming a glass of milk can easily be obtained by taking just 2 tablespoons of sesame seeds or ragi seeds. We can either take the seeds directly or soak them or sprout them or make milk out of them. When I embarked on my vegan journey to eradicate my breathing issues, I used to soak almonds and cashews every day and made myself a glass of milk that was sumptuous and tasty and versatile. You can make hot chocolate milk or a cold cappuccino with these nut milk and ensure your taste buds are not deprived. I made curd out of groundnuts and enjoyed them equally with rice.


It is not so uncommon for mothers to give porridge made of ragi milk to an infant. Though it is loaded with calcium it is easy on the infants’ tummy and doesn’t cause any discomfort.


For everything though, one must be open-minded to try out new options as this helps a lot to adapt to newer lifestyles that demand to shed of old practices and embracing the new.

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