Obsessed with bodybuilding? You might be a victim of depression!

Bodybuilding leads to depression

Did you know that nearly 10% of men are obsessed with their appearance and they have a body image disorder? And we thought that only women cared about how they look and make a huge fuss about their body! According to a survey, this percentage of men thought that they were fat and had to be fitter that drive them to visit the gym. The survey also concluded that 1 out of 3 men had been on a diet aiming to build more muscles. Gym enthusiasts are four times more likely to use anabolic steroids to get muscular and bulk up.

Young men are especially obsessed with going to the gym in order to attain a perfect physique and get muscular, but studies have found out that they are likely to suffer from depression. They also indulge in weekend binge drinking, use anabolic steroids and go on extreme diets that might harm health.

A survey was carried out on men aged between 18 and 32 years and their obsession with getting the perfect physique and their drive to be muscular was actually shocking. Most of them said, 'I wish that I were more muscular' or 'I feel guilty if I miss a weight training session'. These gym freaks also took legal and illegal supplements and anabolic steroids to bulk up. It was also found out that more than 1 out of 3 men had been on a strict diet regime despite not being obese.  

The research has also found out that while women go on a diet because they are overweight and want to tone themselves up, men go on a diet because they feel that they are too thin according to the standards of looking like a ‘man’. They want to bulk up and have muscles. Men have body image issues that often go unnoticed by healthcare professionals because apparently ‘men don’t care!’ So there is a wrong perception about how men want to see themselves in the mirror and what we think of them. They strive for a perfect body like their ‘ideal’ heroes, be it an actor or an athletic star. But they often fail to understand that after managing family, studies and job, it is often impossible to attempt a bulkier body with broader shoulders and big muscles.


What should be done?

  • Strive to get fitter and healthier, not bulkier.
  • Wanting to get more muscular will drive you to use illegal steroids and wanting to eat just protein while leaving out on other essential nutrients for a healthy mind and body.
  • If you find your teenage boy spending hours at the gym and stressing on consuming just chicken and broccoli or supplements and protein shakes, it’s time to indulge in some important talk.  


Striving to get a perfect physique will stress you out unnecessarily. With a full-time job or study, it gets almost impossible to dedicate long hours at the gym and get the desired body. The thought of not achieving the impossible can also lead to anxiety and depression that can affect your health and often take a toll on your life.

Be smart with your health. Learn the discipline to stay fit. 


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