OTC Cold Medicines for Kids – Are they good or bad

OTC Cold Medicines for Kids – Are they good or badA recent report by Health Day News says that a Cough and Cold Medicines for kids below 6 years of age should be completely banned. Now parents always get panic-stricken seeing their child facing the odds of a cough and cold. They definitely don’t want their child to suffer and to avoid the misery, parents most of the time pick OTC a cough and cold syrup and feed their child for relief. If you are a parent, I’m sure you do the same thing too because you cannot bear seeing your child with a stuffy nose, a sore throat and coughing incessantly. I am a parent and I used to do the same thing too until a very important insight shared by my daughter’s pediatrician. His advice was perfectly in sync with many doctors from across the world who rules out administering OTC a cough and cold medications for kids.

Dr. Jay L. Hoecker, an emeritus pediatrics specialist at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota gives a practical advice on avoiding cough and cold medications for kids. He says that these medicines do no good to treat the underlying condition, but it just treats the symptoms of a cough and cold. He also says if an overdose of medications is administered to children below 2 years of age, it might even be fatal.

Kids are in great discomfort when they have a stuffy nose that gets blocked. Doctors usually prescribe a decongestant but a new review published online in the BMJ reveals that there is no evidence that decongestants work for a child; hence they should be avoided for kids below 6 years of age. When my kid was around 2 years of age and was suffering from a blocked nose due to severe cold, she has prescribed a decongestant along with other medications. However, the decongestant had no relieving effects on her.

A senior researcher, Dr. An De Sutter from the Ghent University in Belgium also said that OTC a cough and cold relievers for kids also cause potentially serious life-threatening side effects like hypertension, excitation, and convulsions.

Medical experts say that children have an average of six to eight colds annually and they usually recover in 7-10 days without any medications.

FDA pediatrician Amy M. Taylor says that a cough and cold in kids actually serve a purpose sometimes (though not always). She says, “Coughs help the body clear the mucus out of the airway and protect the lungs; so you don’t want to suppress all coughs”.

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It is, therefore, the best solution to try easy remedies at home to treat a child’s cough and cold. Here are some easy solutions:

Having a cough and cold is a tough time for both the children and their parents as well. It gets very difficult to feed kids as they feel congested and uneasy.

  • Give warm liquids to drink as it thins out the mucus. A glass of warm milk, warm water with honey, ginger tea or clear soup makes for the best natural remedies.
  • Don’t suppress your child’s cough with a suppressant. Coughing actually clears their airways and your child is able to breathe better.
  • Give half a teaspoon of honey as it relieves a cough naturally. Don’t ever give honey to your babies below 1 year of age as the bacteria in honey might cause botulism. 
  • Prop their head up with a pillow while sleeping as it helps them sleep better.


Try these home remedies to relieve your baby’s cough and cold and never give a drop of OTC cold syrups. 

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