Papaya: A Fruit Rich in Antioxidants

Health benefits of papaya

Papaya is one of the healthiest fruits as it is very rich in antioxidants and has loads of vitamin C and other nutrients. It is a commonly eaten fruit typically found in tropical regions. Papaya has a number of health benefits to boast of.

An excellent addition to a diabetic diet:

Papaya is sweet in taste but it is very low in sugar content. Therefore diabetics can have papayas without guilt and non-diabetic patients can have it to prevent diabetes.

Anti-cancer properties:

If you are looking for a food that can effectively reduce your risk of cancer, papaya is the answer. There have been researches on papaya and it has been suggested that papaya contains lycopene preventing free radicals that contribute to the growth and progression of cancer.

Papaya also demonstrated an anti-cancer activity in breast cancer cells.

Improves heart health:

Loaded with Vitamin C and lycopene, papaya is said to prevent heart diseases. The antioxidants in papaya also protect your heart and improve the ratio of HDL: LDL. With an improvement in the cholesterol levels, it also lowers the risk of heart diseases.

Fights inflammation:

The root cause of many serious diseases might be due to chronic inflammation. It is when your immune system malfunctions and that leads to a growing risk of a number of illnesses. Papaya is very rich in antioxidants and with high carotenoids content reduces inflammatory markers.

Improves Digestion:

The papain enzyme in papaya eases protein digestion. It is considered a natural remedy for constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. So the next time you are constipated you can consider having a bowl of papaya to clear your system.

Anti-aging properties:

Papaya also works well to keep your skin looking fresh and radiant. Since it is rich in Vitamin C and lycopene, papaya protects skin against premature aging and sagging while also preventing sun damage. Regular consumption of papaya keeps your skin looking youthful and toned.

Papaya has a number of valuable nutrients and hence is a must inclusion in your everyday diet. Its strong antioxidant properties also prevent the development of many life-threatening diseases like cancer and heart diseases.


Now there is a little bit of a controversy whether papaya should be avoided or not during pregnancy.  The answer depends on the type of papaya you are eating. It is beneficial to eat ripe papaya during pregnancy because it is a healthy source of beta-carotene, fiber, folate, and vitamins. But it is the unripe papaya that you must avoid during pregnancy. The latex in unripe papaya triggers uterine contractions that can lead to early labor. It also contains papain that might induce labor. Unripe papaya is also considered a common allergen that can trigger a dangerous reaction.

It is always the best decision to talk to your doctor about the choice of nutrition or diet habits. Though pregnancy requires you eating nutritious food, there are many foods that must be avoided completely for a healthy pregnancy. 

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