Pregnancy Diet secrets of Kareena Kapoor Khan

pregnancy diet of kareena kapoor khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan shone like a diva through her pregnancy days. While most of us face a hard time through the nine months of pregnancy, she was a lady on fire! She had revealed in her previous interviews that her nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar had helped her curate her pregnancy diet. Well, we might not have the privilege of having a personal dietitian during our pregnancy but we can definitely pick up some important tips and tricks and adopt the secrets of a healthy pregnancy diet.

In one of the press conferences, she had revealed that she did not eat for two people which most of us make a mistake. “I think everybody has been thinking that I am overeating these days, which I am not. It is not important for you to eat more because you are pregnant. Just because you’re carrying another person inside you, it doesn’t mean you have a liberty to eat 20 chapattis. Rujuta and I firmly believe that one needs to carry on doing what she has been doing before getting pregnant, just stick to your normal routine.”

She also revealed what her guilty cravings were. Much to shock and surprise, Kareena used to crave for karelas (bitter gourd) in all forms. She loved the bitter, pungent taste to it. She also adds that being very rich in iron and other nutritional benefits, bitter gourd can be a good addition to your pregnancy diet if you can. Bitter gourd is also known to regulate blood sugar levels and helps with mood stability.

Besides, her another guilty craving was home-made Indian sweets like suji ka peda and besan ladoos. These home-made sweets are not unhealthy during pregnancy as it is low on the glycemic index and have blood sugar regulating properties. And if you add dry fruits, powdered nuts and seeds to these mithais, their nutritional benefits are manifold. Iron, calcium, and minerals reach the various cells in the body to give the required energy.


Here are Kareena Kapoor Khan’s dietary bits of advice for all pregnant moms

On Dietary restrictions -

“You need to watch out what you are consuming, eating everything doesn’t mean that you have the liberty to have anything at any random hour you wish for. Packed foods should be avoided as they have preservatives and so many things added to them.”

On Indian diet –

“We have a variety of accessible and economical homegrown vegetables. One should experiment with those instead of trying to ape the Western diet. I can’t live my life eating just broccoli and spinach.”

On pregnancy snacking –

She says that snacks play an important role in pregnancy diet because since we constantly crave for some food, we tend to incline towards a pack of chips or some pre-packaged food. Instead, have dry fruits or makhanas. Makhanas are lotus seeds and are far more superior in nutritional benefits than any dry fruits and seeds.

On Desi ghee -

Kareena along with her dietitian also promoted desi ghee and its amazing goodness. Since time immemorial, moms, aunts, and grandmoms have boasted on the importance of consuming desi ghee while pregnant. Having a moderate amount of ghee is actually good during pregnancy as it is easy to digest and improves metabolism.

It is believed that ghee aids your health immensely during pregnancy. It keeps the digestive system healthy, helps in baby’s growth and brain development, nurtures pregnant body keeping it warm and strong.

However, if you are overweight and have additional health issues, consult with a doctor before adding ghee to your pregnancy diet.


Eat the right amount of calories, and have a healthy pregnancy!


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