Reasons to Include Greens in Your Diet

Here are some reasons for you to include greens in your Diet

Winter is around the corner and the local vegetable market would be selling fresh farm-picked green veggies. We Indians love our greens like no other because of their nutrient density and their countless health benefits. Also if you wish to lose weight in a healthy way, green is the way to go. Green veggies are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber with the lowest calorie and fat content.


Here are some reasons for you to include greens in your Diet:

Detoxifies your body –

Toxin buildup in the body affects the internal organs leading to digestive disruptions, weakened immune system, unnatural weight gain, cellulite and a hoard of diseases difficult to manage. Therefore it is important that we detoxify our body regularly to prevent any prevent any harmful chemical buildup. Green veggies naturally detoxify your body.

As they are rich in dietary fiber content, regular consumption of green vegetables remove the digestive by-products from the body by naturally cleansing the gut. As per the recommendation by The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, women should intake 25 g of fiber regularly while men should aim at 38 g of fiber.

Fiber also controls your body weight by managing blood cholesterol, helping you stay full and regulating bowel movement.


Provides micronutrients –

Micronutrients are essential elements in our body that the modern diet lacks. As our diet is mainly composed of fast food, saturated fat, soda drinks, and alcohol, it leads to the development of a life-threatening disease like high blood pressure, cholesterol, strokes, and depression. Our diet is especially devoid of important nutrients like iron and folate. Green veggies, on the other hand, are very rich in these essential nutrients.

Folate is a vitamin that is very essential to maintain a normal blood pressure count and prevent other serious health diseases. It is also essential in pregnancy diet to prevent birth defects.

Green leafy vegetables are the best source of plant-based iron that provides energy to your cells and also maintains a healthy hemoglobin count. However, plant-based iron is best absorbed with Vitamin C. Incidentally; leafy greens are also rich in natural Vitamin C to improve iron absorption in the body.

Did you also know that green veggies give you an ample supply of calcium too? So if you are lactose intolerant, eating greens will give you enough plant-based calcium for strengthening your bones. Vitamin K is important for calcium absorption in bones that is also derived from greens.


Phytonutrient-rich diet:

Besides all the essential vitamins and minerals that vegetables are so rich in, they also have phytonutrients and antioxidants that prevent skin aging and the growth of diseases.

According to studies by the American Institute of Cancer Research, leafy greens contain antioxidants and carotenoids that prevent cancer formation in mouth, pharynx, and larynx. While some other studies have proved that carotenoids lower cancer risk in the lungs, breast, skin, and stomach.


Here are 4 ways to sneak greens in your everyday diet:

1. Start your day with a good detoxifying drink. A green smoothie with cucumbers, spinach, mint, and parsley with a tad bit of salt and pepper is a great accompaniment with your breakfast.

2. Have a green salad or cooked green sabzi or parboiled veggies in your lunch. You can also add green chutney to your lunch for that extra dose of nutrition.

3. Layer your evening sandwich with some lettuce or chopped spinach or add a green peas’ patty to your bun.

4. For dinner, toss in some green veggies in your soups and stews.


Add enough greens to your diet for wholesome nutrient support. Stay healthy!

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