Reasons why cardiologists don’t support a Ketogenic diet

Ketogenic diet is not good for the heart, cardiologists claim

There are so many diet plans that we follow to lose our weight. Many diet plans are made trendy by their curators and the media saying that popular faces from the showbiz have attributed their toned figure to a particular diet. One such diet plan is the ketogenic diet which is widely popular among people trying to lose unwanted weight and stay fit. But before going further into the topic, let us first learn a little on the ketogenic diet.


What is the Ketogenic Diet?

Ketogenic Diet has been around for quite a few years now and is the latest weight loss fad many celebrities and athletes swear by. Celebrities support this diet as it helps them lose weight fast because of low-carb content and high in protein. Athletes also claim that it improves their stamina and boosts their performance. Even Alzheimer’s and epileptic patients have been able to reverse their condition and improve their quality of life.

Keto diet is very rich in protein and fat with limited carbs. Our body is carved in a way that it must use carbs as fuel and convert it into energy, but in ketosis, it's the fat in the diet that gets converted into energy.

Ketogenic Diet definitely helps you to lose weight, treat diabetic conditions and treat neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s. Studies have also proved that the ketogenic diet manages your cholesterol level.  But there are many downhills of a ketogenic diet.


Ketogenic diet is not good for the heart, cardiologists claim

Dr. Kim Williams, the past President of the American College of Cardiology and a leading cardiologist has ruled out ketogenic diet completely saying that the science behind the ketogenic diet is wrong. His statement was based on a 2013 systematic review of 17 studies that found the chances of poor cardiovascular health and death rate increases with a low-carbohydrate diet. There was also a study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association that revealed a group of the population who had a heart attack had been practicing the ketogenic diet. A low-carbohydrate diet is potentially unsafe for your health.

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So the question that might be bothering you is how come celebrities like Halle Berry, the Kardashians, Huma Qureshi or Karan Johar among many support ketogenic diet? Are they not concerned about their heart health?

Yes, they are very much concerned about their health and before they start any diet routine, they make sure to consult a doctor and a nutritionist while also multiple body checkups to make sure that their body type and health conditions are perfectly suitable to make such drastic diet changes.

So if you are considering keto diet for weight loss, do visit your doctor and a get a checkup done to know how safe keto diet is for you!


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