Rheumatoid Arthritis: Natural Ways to Overcome it

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder which occurs when the immune system mistakes normal cells for foreign cells and starts attacking/destroying them.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder which occurs when the immune system mistakes normal cells for foreign cells and starts attacking/destroying them. It attacks the lining of the membrane surrounding the joints (synovium) and causes inflammation. Because of the inflammation the synovium thickens the lining and wears away the cartilage and bone, which causes severe pain in the joints. 


  • Swollen joints
  • Tenderness in joints
  • Pain and stiffness (increase in the morning)
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever

So, does that mean we always have to be dependent on medications for the cure and become a slave to those tablets and pills? Of course not, we can reduce the symptoms and feel better by following these natural remedies.

Fighting naturally

Cold :

cold restrains joint swelling and inflammation. Applying an ice pack on the site of pain by compressing for 15 minutes provides relief. Repeat after 30 minutes break.

Heat :

heat relaxes the muscles and increases the blood flow. A wet heating pad or warm towel can be used. Remember don’t burn yourself; just let the warm water sooth the area of pain.

Aromatherapy :

this treatment doesn’t reduce the inflammation but helps in maintaining calmness and soothing mood. Lavender oil, lemon scent, and other essential oils can be used. Always remember to do a patch test before applying to rule out allergy or irritation on the skin.

Exercise :

it sounds terrible if asked to exercise when in pain. But exercising will help in lowering the swelling of the joints and reduce the pain. Consult a doctor to know the activity suitable for you. Walking, swimming, strength training can also help.

Massage :

massaging with medicinal oils have been used since ages in Ayurveda. It’s important that these messages are to be done by a professional so that further injury doesn’t happen.

Turmeric :

In India turmeric has been used in almost all the food preparation. Research has shown that turmeric blocks the proteins that cause inflammation and reduces pain.

Yoga :

India has introduced yoga to the world. It is a mixture of medication, breathing, and exercise which is good for body and mind. It relieves joint pain, improves flexibility and reduces stress. So, find a good yoga teacher and start calming yourself.

Creams and gels :

creams and gels can be rubbed on the site of pain and can provide temporary relief. Ointments containing camphor and menthol or as patches can be used.

Fish oil supplements :

research shows that fish oil supplements help in reducing pain and stiffness. Always consult a doctor before adding this to your diet.

Acupuncture :

it is a traditional form of Chinese medicine that has been used to relieve pain. It uses thin needles to stimulate energy and lower pain. It is helpful in chronic back pain. But remember to visit a certified person for this procedure.

Rest and relaxation :

Having a good sleep is important at least eight hours. Mediation and breathing will help reduce stress and tension.

These remedies will help in reducing your symptoms and keep you calm. Always remember to consult a doctor before trying anything new and if any symptoms are noticed.



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