Is it safe to drink from plastic bottles?

Is it safe to drink from plastic bottles?The pregnancy period is considered as one of the cleanest phases in a person’s life as nutritious and clean food (junk food avoided) is preferred to be eaten. But we are unaware of the fact that the plastic containers we keep our food in leaches out harmful toxins that affect health in ways unimagined. Do you know that if the placenta in a pregnant woman would be examined at least 300 or 400 toxins would be found? This also means that every baby is born with toxins within their body. There are millions of toxins in the environment we breathe every minute and that cannot be changed but definitely, we can take preventive measures to limit our exposure to toxicity.

Our maximum exposure to toxins takes place due to our lifestyle habits and our preference to store and restore in plastic. We keep leftovers in ‘food-grade’ plastic containers or store water in plastic bottles, even the takeaway we order get delivered in plastic boxes. Have you ever thought that we also expose our newborns to plastic at such a tender age, the feeding bottles we use is plastic?

There are different types of plastic found in the market these days ranging from microwave-safe to food-grade plastic or BPA-free water bottles. In reality, these are not true or safe, because FDA says that it takes only a minimum amount of heat to leach out harmful chemicals into your food and drinks even the food is re-heated for a minute or kept in the refrigerator. This process mixes various chemicals and estrogen-mimicking hormones that lead to serious health conditions like PCOD, ovarian issues, breast cancer, colon cancer or prostate cancer. These poisons lead to low-quality sperm or less sperm count in men while it makes it difficult for women to conceive. This leads to infertility.

Instead of fancy plastic, try using good old stainless steel or glass. Copper and brass are other options. Instead of giving snacks to your kids in plastic lunch boxes, why not go old-fashioned with stainless steel lunch boxes? And for your babies, formula feed your baby in glass or steel feeding bottles.

Try and minimize the use of plastic starting from today and gradually banish it from your life.

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