Skin Tags: Natural Remedies to Remove It

Skin Tags: Natural Remedies to Remove ItWhat is a skin tag?

Skin tags are small outgrowths generally cropping out from the folds of the skin like neck area, groin, breasts, eyes or underarms where it sweats a lot and remains moist. They are painless and do not care to interfere with our day-to-day life but can be embarrassing once they start to grow large and are easily visible.

The specific reason for a skin tag is usually unknown but doctors say that some probable reasons might include genetics, obesity, skin friction and irritation. Skin tags are not considered a medical issue but a cosmetic concern that might require you visiting a cosmetologist spending loads of money. So it is the best to know some natural home remedies that will remove it effectively.


Natural Remedies to Remove Skin Tags:

There might be a number of home remedies that will involve the use of duct tapes to remove skin tags because using duct tapes on skin increases the risk of infections and scarring.

Here are a few natural remedies to try out at home for removing skin tags easily and effectively. But remember, that all treatments are not suitable for all areas on your body. So keep in mind the location of the skin tag and use these remedies.


Apple Cider Vinegar –

Organic apple cider vinegar is one of the most effective ways to treat skin tags and other skin ailments as well. Dip a sterile cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and place it on the skin tag, secure with a bandage. Leave it undisturbed for 20 minutes. Keep it on for 20 minutes during daytime but if you do this treatment before bed, leave it on overnight. With time the skin tag will darken indicating its death. Keep up with the treatment until you get desired results.


Tea Tree oil –

Since it has anti-fungal and antiseptic properties, it is the best to treat skin tags with tea tree oil which not just treats the skin tag but also soothes your skin. Soak a sterile cotton ball in tea tree oil (6-8drops) and apply on the skin tag secures tight with a bandage. Keep it on for 15 minutes and remove. Do at least three times a day till the skin tag fall off. Don’t hurry; the treatment might take a few days to weeks to even a month.


Vitamin E oil –

High-grade Vitamin E oil is also another treatment for ski n tag. Apply Vitamin E oil to the skin tag and cover with a plastic wrap. Secure with a bandage and leave on overnight. This treatment will cut off the air supply showing you results in a few weeks.


Banana or papaya peel –

Banana or papaya peel seems to work effectively on skin tag in combination with tea tree oil. After you apply tea tree oil to the skin tag cover with a peel and secure with a bandage. Repeat every night until the skin tag dies and fall off on its own.  


Coconut oil –

This might be the easiest and the most effective remedy as coconut oil suits sensitive skin too. Coconut oil has powerful anti-microbial properties that will work on skin tags. Take a few drops of coconut oil and rub it on your skin leaving it overnight. In a few weeks, the tag will fall off or gradually disappear.


For areas around the skin and other sensitive areas, coconut oil and Vitamin E oil works best. However, if these remedies cause irritation or bleeding discontinue the use and consult a dermatologist.


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