The Importance of a First Aid Kit

The importance of a first aid kitBe it at the home, school, car or office, having a first aid kit is essential. There might be small injuries or minor sickness that can be dealt without rushing to the doctor or you can say It will save you until your saviour (Doctor) arrives. Also, with a first aid kit handy, initial treatment can be done to prevent the spread of infection.


Here are some Important Items which are must in your First Aid Box:

Anti-sprain spray and Crepe bandage – 

Sprains are very common in day to day life and hence, keeping an anti-sprain spray handy can be of importance as they provide temporary relief to the affected area. This can be followed by wrapping a crepe bandage around the sprain.


Dettol -

This is a common product found in most households. The antiseptic properties of Dettol help clean wounds and cuts that will prevent the spread of infections. This can be added to your first aid kit to treat accidental cuts and wounds. You might also choose any other antiseptic liquid as per your preference.


Antibiotic creams –

These topical ointments are an important addition to your first aid kit as they can be used to prevent infections caused by minor cuts, scrapes, burns and wounds. Treating such wounds immediately before doctor visit, allows healing which might otherwise lead to skin swelling, pus formation, redness and pain.


Cotton and gauge packages – 

In case of a serious cut with uncontrolled bleeding, the foremost aim before rushing to the ER would be to stop the bleeding as much as possible with a cotton and a gauge to bandage the injury.


Medications –

Besides topical medications and bandages, stocking on oral medicines are also important. Medications like pain reliever, fever reducers, stomach ailments, cough & cold medications, anti-allergens, are must additions. If you have a kid at home, keep as much medications handy as possible. 


Make sure you have a first aid kit handy everywhere you go to prevent any unfortunate situations. Be responsible of yourself and those around you. Always stay safe and sound!


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