Things to Consider if you are Traveling with your Little One

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Things to consider if you are traveling with your little one


I am a mother of 3.5 years old and have my business in two cities around the distance of 300kms, which I have traveled numerous times. Traveling with a little one is not a piece of cake, not to mention the accompanied worry which comes along naturally.

 Here are the 8 essential things to consider if you are going to travel with a little one. 

1. Make a Separate packing list for each person traveling. 

It is easier to pack and organize by making a list of items needed for separate members of the family. While you pack, you can cross off the items you have packed. Meanwhile also make a list of last-minute things to pack, like chargers, your kids’ favorite toy/blanket.


2. Packing Hack: Pack your kid’s clothes in a Ziplock for each day

Suppose you are traveling for 5 days, pack everything together in one Ziplock bag day wise like (t-shirt, shorts, socks, underwear, headband etc) in 5 different zip lock bags. It makes traveling so much easier.


3. Let the kid have their bag, instead of sharing 

This way it will be smoother than finding stuff from your shared bag and then rearranging the whole thing occasionally.


4. Research your destination 

Get an idea of the place you are going to visit, talk to friends/family who has visited the place earlier. If you are breastfeeding, you need to know if it is okay to breastfeed the child publicly or not. Knowing about the place in details always helps pre-trip and during the trip.


5. Plan and Pack Wisely

Book wisely, the hotel you might have stayed earlier, could be a perfect one, but now with a child, it could be a nightmare pushing the stroller through steep hills or too many steps.

Pack the things for your kid according to the weather conditions, but always carry something warm like a cozy blanket, socks, jacket handy in case of change of temperature. And if there is any room left fill it with baby wipes :)


6. Medicines and First Aid

Whether be it for adults or infant/toddlers, keeping primary medicines is mandatory. Children often fell sick because of being out of routine, jet lag, or eating less healthy food, and sudden climate changes.

Other basic things in your first aid kit should include, band-aids, antiseptic liquid, antiseptic wipes, plaster, sting treatment, and a thermometer.


7. Don't take the Sweet way for children

Children always like to binge on chocolates, aerated drinks, and candies. Avoid taking them on the journey, keep one or two for those kinds of meltdown moments only in your handbag. Carry healthy options like wheat crackers, nuts, cheese cubes, breadsticks, or biscuits - anything to avoid landing in a new place with hyperactive kids because of a sugar rush.


8. Take pictures and Enjoy

Take time to enjoy the places, don't rush, the little ones do not care for the pressure of time travel. Click tons of pictures, and a lot of memories with you on your way back home.



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