7 Things to Consider If You are Working in Pregnancy

7 Things to Consider If You are Working in PregnancyPregnancy is considered one of the most overwhelming phases in a woman’s life. It involves taking responsibilities, extra care and accepting new changes. For working women, balancing work and pregnancy becomes a big challenge. Here are a few tips that you can follow to stay productive at your job and at the same time alleviate pregnancy discomforts.


1. Calming nauseated feelings

The common discomfort faced by a pregnant woman is morning sickness. But despite the name, you can get the vomiting sensation at any time. So be prepared. You can keep some crackers or other healthy snacks at your desk. A cup of ginger tea will help you get rid of your nausea.

Also, avoid any smell of foods that might trigger your over-sensitive senses.


2. Managing fatigue

Pregnancy makes you feel overly tired as your body is supporting a baby growing inside you. So what can you do to get rid of the constant fatigue? Though it is not possible to completely avoid this situation as it is a phase of your pregnancy, a few of these tips might help you:


3. Iron-rich and protein-rich food

Adjust your diet accordingly in pregnancy. Have foods like red meat, poultry, seafood, leafy green vegetables, iron-fortified whole-grain cereal, and beans so that you can get the sufficient amount of nutrient to give you the required energy. Also, include healthy snacks like fruits and nuts as munch-one instead of a bag of chips or fries.


4. Frequent breaks

It is important to be in a moving state when pregnant. A sedentary lifestyle is never an option. Go get up after every two hours and take a short break. Walk for like five to ten minutes before you resume your work. Or you can also put your laptop in sleep mode and close your eyes for a few minutes to rejuvenate yourself.


5. Go to bed early

A long day at work during pregnancy is very tiring. Make it a point to get at least eight hours of sleep every night. Try and sleep on the left side as it increases blood flow to the baby and reduces swelling. Put a pillow beneath your belly or between your legs for comfort.


6. Stay comfortable

It is important to sit and stand in a comfortable posture during your pregnancy. Sit in an ergonomic chair so that you can adjust the height and the neck support of the chair. You can also keep a small cushion to support your back. Limit dropping your legs and feet below as it can lead to fluid buildup and swelling. Ask for an elevated platform so that you can support your legs at a height.

During pregnancy forget those high-heeled shiny pumps you used to wear to the office. Instead, go for comfortable loafers or flats that will support your sole with a soft cushioning.


7. Control your stress

Pregnancy is a highly stressful affair and balancing office work and pregnancy can lead to anxiety attacks at times. The key is to take care of yourself and your baby by staying calm. Practice relaxation techniques every morning before you leave for work or sign up for a prenatal yoga class.

If you have been a smoker at your workplace, give up the habit right away for your baby’s betterment. Talk to your boss, if needed you can modify your work hours as is feasible to you.

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