Tips to Cope Up With Stress in Busy Lifestyle

here are some quick tips that will come really handy to relieve you from stress and rejuvenate your energyThe other day my better half booked an appointment for a couple massage therapies over the weekend. He complained of being too stressed out. I couldn’t agree less and was very elated that I can spend some good time at the spa and get all rejuvenated by Monday. It is indeed very relaxing to get a spa treatment done every now and then to revive back the lost energy. But is that even possible in real life? Given the cost and the lack of time, going for spa treatments frequently seems like a distant dream. But being busy and stressed out regularly is a reality. Medical studies have found out that stress leads to lethargy, tiredness, low immune system, serious health issues and finally a condition called chronic stress.

It is important to get rid of stress, especially for busy people. So here are some quick tips that will come really handy to relieve you from stress and rejuvenate your energy.


Meditate –

Yes, meditation is one of the best ways to relieve stress off your system. You can spend 15 minutes every morning doing some breathing exercises and pranayama. Breathing exercises, in fact, is particularly beneficial as it turns off your body’s stress reaction and helps you get back to your busy life. You can also practice this technique while at your workstation moderately so that it does not attract unwanted attention.


Limit caffeine –

“I’m tired! I need a coffee!” That is probably the best-known way to us to cope up with stress in a busy schedule. But seldom do we realize that caffeine actually deprives you of sleep making you even tired in the long run.


Get sleep –

Ditch the caffeine and sleep for long hours. It is a regular routine for most of us to carry on with our daily activities with sleep deprivation. Chronic lack of sleep and insomnia are often the most important factors leading to stress.


Exercise the stress out –

A little exercise helps a lot in doing away with stress. Exercise keeps you brimming with energy. But the concern for most of you is lack of time visiting the gym. Well, we have a solution for that. Divide your exercises into small chunks. While you can take a 15 minutes run around your neighborhood every morning, leave the weight training for the evening after office. However it might be, but try to incorporate exercise into your busy schedule.

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Take your supplements –

A balanced diet with all the nutrients and minerals is a great way to cope up with stress and lethargy. Vitamin B complex, Calcium and Magnesium, and Vitamin C supplements keep your energy levels high thereby managing your stress. But it is advisable to consult a doctor before introducing any supplements to your diet.


We are all leading a very busy lifestyle. The key is to never give up or get overwhelmed. Learn time management and find out stress relieving methods to keep stress at bay. 


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