Tips to Deal with Sad Period Emotions

Period pain

Do periods often get you depressed throwing you off the emotional radar? It is definitely not the most pleasurable feeling during the time of the month. Your emotions display a different mood of their own altogether, giving you an overwhelming feeling at times, whereas often shutting you out from the rest of the world.

During menstruation, women are often plagued by a variety of depressing emotions like sadness, inferiority complex, chronic stress, anxiety, and many such feeling which otherwise have no strong reasoning.


Here are a few tips on how you can deal with your period cycle and be in a happy mood at the same time:

Stay dry during your periods – 

A constant feeling of wetness is something that spoils the mood. So no matter how exhausted you might feel, it is advisable that you change your pads at every shorter interval or as and when required. Not only does it improve your mood but also helps you stay hygienic and healthy.


Rest for longer periods – 

Many women complain of sleep disorders while menstruating. This becomes a problem because as the estrogen and progesterone levels drop at the onset of menstrual cycle, energy levels drop demanding more sleep. Try and take a short nap whenever you feel the need. Also if you are having a heavy flow, go ahead and take a day off. You’ll feel happy, healthy and refreshed.


Practice moderate pain relieving exercise – 

Abdominal pains and pelvic aches are the worst feeling while on menstruation. This instills a negative and stressed out feeling throughout. Take care of yourself and practice some deep breathing exercises. Alternatively you might also indulge in pain relieving exercises like head to knee forward bend, wide angle forward bend or reclined bound angle.


Don’t shut yourself out – 

It is never a solution to shut yourself out completely to deal with period mood and emotions. You can choose to go out with friends, watch a movie or go shopping or anything that can help alleviate your mood.


Stay hydrated – 

Feeling bloated is a common tendency in periods. Drink lot of fluids to help alleviate bloating symptoms. Avoid drinking caffeine, alcohol or sugary drinks.


Eat a balanced diet – 

Periods often increase your cravings for different types of junk and sugary foods. You might be craving for chips, nachos, donuts but unfortunately these foods trigger menstrual cramps. Sometimes it is good to give in to cravings like chocolates and ice-creams but it should be in moderation. Have foods rich in calcium and potassium like bananas, nuts, beans, dates or leafy greens. 


Follow these simple tips and manage your period pains like a boss lady!


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