Tips to manage skin problems in kids

skin rash in babies

Unlike adults, where allergy is defined by sneezing and wheezing, in children allergy shows up on the skin in the form of rashes. And skin rashes in children are very common. Studies have found out that 10% of children in the world have eczema. Eczema in kids is common of they have food allergies, asthma, hay fever or simply if the condition runs in the family. Any form of skin rashes in infants and children first show up as red patches on the forehead and the face that gradually gets spread to the arms and torso through constant scratching and itching. The skin around gets dry that leads to more itching and if not taken medical advice at the right time can lead to severe skin rashes.


Here are some precautions and tips that parents can follow to manage skin problems in kids:

Wipe the drool –

If your infant is prone to skin allergies you should be extra cautious to dry the drool at all times. The saliva can be the cause of drool rash in infants around the mouth and the folds of the neck and the chest.

Use gentle skin care products –

Consult a pediatrician to get a prescribed fragrance-free soap and other baby products that are suitable on the baby's skin. Harsh soaps can dry the skin out worsening the condition.

Clip the nails –

Take care to occasionally cut the nails short so that itching and scratching do not lead to infected skin.

Shorter baths –

Give regular baths to your baby in warm water with a mild soap if necessary. Avoid bubble baths and lengthy soaks. It can further dry the skin.

Moisturize after bath –

It is important to not let the skin get dry and itchy, so moisturization immediately after a bath is important. Gently pat your baby dry and use a thick layer of doctor recommended cream or ointment. Ointments are effective medical solutions to treat rashes than creams.

Soft cotton fabrics –

Choose the right fabric for your baby. Go for the softer cottony fabric that is breathable and soothing on the skin. Also, make them wear mittens or gloves at night to prevent unconscious itching of the skin.

Diaper Rash in babies -

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It is best to visit a doctor in the first place to treat your kids’ skin rash issues. The pediatrician might suggest a topical steroid cream to ease the itch and alleviate the symptoms.

Your baby’s sensitive skin is vulnerable to all sorts of infections, dust and dirt, food, metals or cosmetics. Take care to keep them away from your baby’s skin to prevent any further ado.


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