How to protect your skin in a polluted environment

How to protect your skin in a polluted environment

As we all know, our skin is not only the largest organ but also the most abused organ of our body. More often a healthy-looking skin is an indicator of a healthy body too. When we see somebody having a blemish and wrinkle-free, smooth skin we secretly wish we could also have a skin like them.

We live in a developed world and with it, we seem to have bought our share of problems too in the form of pollutants – a common sight is effluents seeping into rivers and lakes and smoke mixing with pure air, all emanating from factories and industries that are hallmarks of a developing nation like India. So being a part of the urban populace makes us inescapable from all these menaces directly posing a threat to our skin.

Pollutants damage our skin till the cellular level and choke it from getting the required oxygen and nutrients.

Yet there are ways to prevent as well as mitigate the damages

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Have a routine skin regime:

  • Applying a light moisturizer on face, hands, and feet before stepping out in the sun pays rich dividends as they are most exposed.
  • Washing face and hands after coming home and using an exfoliating paste or scrub after exposure to dust, dirt or smoke help skin pore not to get clogged thereby letting them breathe.
  • Oiling the entire body head to toe once a week with sesame oil or coconut oil also helps as they undo the damage done by the week-long exposure to pollutants.

Foods and herbs to the rescue:

  • Drinking 10 – 12 glasses of water is needed to keep the body and skin hydrated and works inside out.
  • Up your antioxidant (substances that counteract the negative effects of oxidation at tissue level) intake by increasing fruits and particularly lemon water.
  • Use turmeric inside and outside – Curcumin in turmeric
  • Use tamarind in cooking dishes, that’s known to remove heavy metals from our body.
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