Top 6 Inspirational Books to Fight Cancer!

Here are the top 6 memoirs documented by cancer survivors from around the world.I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a book – J.K. Rowling.

That is a very well-said statement by J K Rowling on the power of words in a person’s life. Books are indeed an escape from reality, a solution to every seemingly difficult situation. In today’s article, we’ll be talking of cancer and the different books in which survivors have recorded their experiences, hardships and finally have battled the terrible disease.

Here are the top 6 memoirs documented by cancer survivors from around the world. Neither of these is medical books nor claim to state a definite treatment of cancer. Each and every book serves as a chronicle of their combat against cancer.


1. Holy Cancer: How A Cow Saved My Life - Amit Vaidya

This book is a memoir by Amit Vaidya, an Indian-American who trod the very difficult path to be born once again. He, who was given just six months to live, sets out on a meticulous journey to explore the various treatments of his metastatic stage IV cancer across India.

This is an inspirational book about self-belief, resilience, being non-judgmental and rooting trust in humanity.


2. Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer to Near Death, to True Healing - Anita Moorjani

Anita Moorjani is the author of this fantastic book that embarks on her journey of fighting cancer for four long years. Her body started giving up finally beginning with organ failures that lead to her unconsciousness. Finally, when she gained her senses back, an intensive test was run which revealed that she was completely cancer-free.  It is a miracle story of survival that stresses the fact that each and every human being has the ability to heal oneself.


3. Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen - Kendall Scott and Annette Ramke

Written by cancer survivors Kendall Scott and Annette Ramke, this book is a personal experience of two friends who were handed the cancer card. It is like a Bible for everyone that documented the power of food to fight infections, no matter how serious they are.

This book shares a dual story of experiences with cancer and foods that heal cancer symptoms and improve living standards. It also offers you a guide on how to thrive before, during, and after cancer.


4. Too Young for this - Alice K. Crisci

 This is a must-read book by Alice K. Crisci, a Breast Cancer survivor, and a mother. The incidents accounted in this book have been written with perfect raw emotions that have the ability to resonate with every newly diagnosed cancer patients and their loved ones. It is a memoir of a 31-year-old woman and her feeling when she confronted breast cancer for the first time, losing her breasts and also her fertility from cancer treatment.


5. Chris Beat Cancer - Chris Wark

This book by Chris Wark is a personal account of his experience since he was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer at an age of merely 26 years. After a surgery, he had opted out of chemotherapy but adopted nutritional and lifestyle changes to become cancer-free. He tried all natural therapies to get rid of toxins from his body and urges people to believe in nutritional food and natural therapies to beat cancer.


6. Hope Begins in the Dark: 50 Lymphoma Survivors Tell Their Exclusive Life Stories - Jamie Reno

This is a collection of a number of lymphoma survivors’ stories compiled together by Jamie Reno. These 50 lymphoma survivors may come from all odds of life and the only similarity between them is that they have battled the dark for a brighter dawn.

It is a book of hope, love, compassion, courage, and survival. 

We hope that we have been able to help, support and empower at least a few cancer patients and their family. 


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