Top 5 Baby Wipes Available in Indian Market for your little one

Allow us to suggest you some of the best baby wipes available in the Indian market.As mothers, we are all overtly concerned with our baby’s well-being. We want to use only the best for our baby be it their formula food, diapers, baby accessories or wipes. We will talk about baby wipes today that is extensively used on newborns and toddlers. Wipes are quite handy and they serve the purpose to not just clean your baby’s bottom but also wipe their palms, body, feet and even face. Wipes give a very soothing and cooling effect and they have a mild fragrance that keeps your baby smelling fresh for long. But the question remains on how to choose the best wipes that will work for your baby.


Below we have set out some criteria you must consider before choosing the perfect wipe for your baby:

  • Check ingredients
  • Avoid the scented ones
  • Check on the thickness
  • Packaging

Allow us to suggest you some of the best baby wipes available in the Indian market.


We Have Picked up The Top 5 Baby Wipes:

1. Pampers Sensitive baby wipes

This is one of the most saleable wipes in the Indian market owing to a number of characteristics. They have garnered a lot of praise from users for its mildness, softness, thickness and durability and a mild fragrance. A pack of these wipes lasts longer as one wipe is enough to get the cleaning job done well.


2. Huggies Natural Care baby wipes

Huggies wipes compete with the Pampers one quite well as parents often get baffled which one to buy for their baby. These wipes are sage on baby’s sensitive skin as they are paraben-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free, hypoallergenic and very thick. Mommies also praised these wipes as being their ultimate go-to baby care accessory as they besides being durable and soft on baby’s skin also never caused any diaper rash.

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3. Water Wipes baby wipes

These are claimed to be one of the best wipes available because they are entirely natural. With 99.9% water and 0.1% grape seed extract, they are considered the safest wipes that can be used for your little one. Because it is chemical-free, they will never cause a diaper rash or any likely infection on your baby’s skin. However, you have to use these wipes within 4 weeks after opening.


4. MamaEarth organic bamboo wipes

This is another brand that makes completely natural wipes. They are devoid of paraben, petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances. It is made up of Organic Bamboo Cloth with ingredients like Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Lavender Oil, Aloe Vera extract, Glycerin, Aqua added. These wipes can also be used on your baby’s hands and face. The packaging is travel-friendly too.


5. Himalaya Herbal gentle baby wipes

Himalaya Herbals is a trusted brand among parents to use for their babies.  It is alcohol-free and has no artificial fragrance added. The key ingredients are aloe vera and Indian lotus that soothes a baby’s sensitive skin and prevents infections and rashes.

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Even a decade back, parents would use scraps of soft cotton cloth that could be washed and re-used. But these days, disposable baby wipes have become a necessity for every parent. They are easy to use and makes for a perfect companion even while traveling.

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