Top 5 Diaper Brands in India

5 best diapers in Indian marketBabies right from their birth require the utmost care and protection for a healthy growth. Besides taking care of their food and immunity, another thing that parents should really be careful of is their skin. Babies have a very sensitive skin and it needs to be taken care of well. It is important to choose creams, lotions, soaps, diapers or clothes as these are some important baby accessories and are in close contact with baby skin.

It is a huge challenge for parents to pick the right brand of the diaper from an ocean of diapers. There are two types of articles available in the Indian market – cloth diapers and disposable diapers.

To ease your concern in choosing the best diaper for your baby, we have listed down the top 5 most preferable diaper brands by Indian parents.

1. Huggies Dry

This is one of the most well-known diaper brands in the Indian market. These diapers are clinically tested to prevent diaper rashes in babies. Being cushiony soft, fresh smelling and high absorbent quality, Huggies diapers are a pioneer in the diaper market. The material of the diaper is also very breathable keeping baby dry and happy.

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2. Pampers Active Baby

Besides Huggies, Pampers has fast gained trust if the Indian consumers. These diapers are very comfortable and are of good quality.  They are light-weight, highly absorbable and fit in snugly onto your baby’s skin.

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3. Mamy Poko Pants

These are available in pant-style diapers and are very easy to use. The material of the diaper is very spongy and breathable suitable for a baby’s delicate skin. The inside of the diaper has a crisscross sheet that spreads the urine uniformly preventing leakage in overtly active and dynamic babies. This prevents diaper rash and skin irritation.

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4. Libero Diapers

This is a very fine quality diaper that is skin-friendly for your baby. The material of this diaper is a non-woven fabric, fabric-like breathable film, cushion mesh, SAP and velcro tape that is convenient for your baby keeping your infant dry, active and happy.

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5. Himalaya Diapers

These diapers have an anti-rash shield with a soft and easy-to-fit design. Its natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Yashada bhasma prevents the activity of harmful enzymes that inhibit the growth of microbes preventing diaper rash. They are also clinically tested diapers that are hypoallergenic and free from fragrances.

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Your baby should get uninterrupted sleep throughout the night. Make the right choice!

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